1. Kraus-33-inch-undermount-workstation-composite-kitchen-sink-accessories

    10 Tasks That are Made Easier with Workstation Sinks

    If you are like most people, we’re guessing that you have been cooking at home more often lately. Probably a lot more!
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  2. mood-board-lovemykraus-kraususa

    8 Steps to Making the Perfect Mood Board for Your Renovation Project

    Have you ever gotten deep into the creative process of remodeling a room and lost track of the original vision of the project?
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  3. boy with mother over kitchen counter looking at faucet spraying fruits with water

    Clean Home Products - Kitchen Solutions to Simplify Your Life

    Our homes are being put to the test and they need all the help they can get when it comes to keeping things clean.
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  4. white-and-wooden-kitchen-with-island-counter

    9 Common Kitchen and Bathroom Reno Mistakes According to Mike Holmes

    Renovating your kitchen or bathroom is a big home improvement job. If done right, kitchen and bathroom renos will add value to your home.
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  5. large-workstation-sink-by-Kraus-USA-double-faucet-and-accessories

    Kraus Products Get the Holmes Seal of Approval

    When it comes to professional building contractors, there are few in the business that are as widely known or well trusted as Mike Holmes.
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  6. 57-inch-sink-Kore-gold-Oletto-faucets

    Plant Your Roots - An Interview with Design-Build Professional Tina Adkins

    Tina and Brett Adkins are the owners and creative forces behind Southwind Hills Home and Design – an Oklahoma based home construction company.
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  7. Kraus-Lowes-Kore-sink-Oletto-faucets

    Kraus Recognized by Lowe’s for Product Innovation With 2020 Vendor Partner of the Year Award in the Home Decor Category

    Kraus is proud to have been recognized by Lowe's Home Improvement as a 2020 Innovation Vendor Partner of the Year in the Home Décor Category!
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  8. Kitchen-Faucet-Buyer’s-Guide-Cover

    7 Things to Consider When Selecting a New Kitchen Faucet

    Of all the features in your kitchen, the faucet is probably the one that you interact with most.
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  9. DIY-Kitchen-and-Bathroom-Renovation-in-Brooklyn-Condo-01

    DIY Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Brooklyn Condo

    We embarked on our home renovation journey in the middle of February, right before the world as we knew it was set to undergo a transformation itself.
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  10. DIY-Oletto-Faucets-Blog-Cover

    DIYer Preferred Kitchen Faucets with QuickDock Technology

    Now more than ever, homeowners are interested in tackling their own home remodeling projects.
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  11. Profile-JKATH-Drew-Ave-Blog-01-min

    Designer Profile: Katie Kath

    Live in the Details - An Interview with Designer Katie Kath
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  12. Top mount kitchen sink

    7 Best Drop-In Sinks for Your DIY Renovation

    Whether you are tackling a complete remodel or just want to freshen up the look of your kitchen, drop in sinks offer the fastest and simplest way for a DIY enthusiast to get the job done!
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  13. bathroom-vessel-sinks-with-vanity

    DIY Installation Guide for Rejuvenating Your Bathroom with a New Vessel Sink

    A vessel sink is the perfect way to introduce an eye-catching focal point to your bathroom.

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  14. Kraus | How to Select Whole House Plumbing Fixtures

    How to Select Whole House Plumbing Fixtures

    Choosing the fixtures for a full home remodel can be overwhelming, to say the least. Interior designer Katie Kath breaks it down for you with her recap of her selection process for the Drew Avenue Project.
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  15. Bellucci™ Workstation Sink / KGF1-33WHITE

    The Farmhouse Sink: A Marriage of Utility and Elegance

    Farmhouse sinks are very popular among style-savvy homeowners today, and for a good reason – these sinks offer a blend of function and graceful style which has stood the test of time.
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  16. Shown with Bellucci™ Workstation / KGF2-33MBR

    Bridge Faucets: Traditional Design Reimagined for Today’s Kitchen

    Bridge faucets have always been known for their unique construction and refined extravagance. But recently, this bold and timeless design has seen a lot of updates that reimagine the style with modern details and functionality.
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  17. Fathers-Day-45-inch-worksation-sink-Kraus-USA

    7 Great Kitchen Gifts for Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is an opportunity to thank our dads – something most of us realize we should have been doing all year long! We thank them for the things that they have taught us, countless hours spent molding us in subtle ways and giving us valuable skills to succeed in life.
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  18. High-Value Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

    High Value Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

    Now more than ever it’s important to strategically spend while renovating. This can seem like a difficult task when redoing your kitchen or bathroom where there are a lot of items that can quickly add up in cost.
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  19. Kitchen Sinks for a Healthy Home

    Kitchen Sinks for a Healthy Home

    Regularly cleaning your sink and strainer with hot soapy water and frequently replacing sponges are good ways to maintain a healthier kitchen. But if you really want to cut down on bacteria in your kitchen, you need a sink that can fight germs for you.
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  20. kitchen-turino-sink-with-bolden-faucet

    The Sink and Faucet Combo That Have My Whole Heart

    "I couldn’t be happier with this duo from Kraus, and know we will love them for many years."

    -Courtney Equall | Home Decor Enthusiast & Blogger
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  21. How We Found The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

    How We Found the Perfect Kitchen Faucet

    We recently partnered with The Brownstone Boys on their stunning kitchen renovation, featuring Oletto™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Brass.
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  22. Australian Coastal meets California Casual

    Australian Coastal meets California Casual

    "I have always wanted a farmhouse sink and my dreams came true with this beauty – Fireclay Farmhouse Kraus sink. I love the single basin, and how clean it looks and feels. Bonus is that we bathe Kaia in this while her bathroom is in under construction!"

    -Kate Bohannan | Interior Designer
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  23. Kraus-donations-frontline

    Our COVID-19 Efforts

    Daily Updates on Our Response to Coronavirus. Our Priorities 
In this unprecedented time, everything we do is being guided by three goals: Protecting the wellbeing of our Kraus community Continuing to serve and provide for our consumers Providing aid to COVID-19 first responders
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  24. Time to Get Onboard with Matte Black Finishes!

    Time to Get Onboard with Matte Black Finishes!

    If you look back at your saved kitchen and bathroom Pinterest pins over the past few years you would probably notice the tides of faucet finish trends ebbing and flowing. Recently though you might have noticed a sleek and dramatic entry into trending faucet finishes: matte black.
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  25. Kraus-KBIS-2020-Booth

    KBIS 2020: Built to Be Beautiful

    KBIS 2020 was one for the record books. Months of planning, designing, re-designing, managing logistics, training, and long nights came together to bring a vision to life. What was most incredible though, was the outpouring of support that we received and genuine recognition for our efforts.
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  26. Kraus-Booth-KBIS-2020

    2019 A Time of Reflection. 2020 A Look Ahead

    As we take time to reflect on the past year and accomplishments here at KRAUS, we are thankful for our continued success and those relationships we have built along the way.  In 2019, we have launched more new products than we have in past years, with vast differences and aesthetics.
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  27. entertaining-style-people-party-kitchen

    Entertaining in Style: How a Well-Planned Kitchen Can Make it Easy!

    A workstation sink goes beyond the concept of the kitchen sink and seeks to solve problems. Entertaining in your home may be one of the times when your kitchen sink gets the most use all at once.
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  28. reducing-water-waste-faucet-spout-hands

    Reducing Water Waste In The Kitchen: Tips For Sustainable Living

    The goal for your kitchen is to be clean, orderly, and beautiful without becoming cluttered or wasteful. In the same way that the modern kitchen look is simple and never excessive, the current trend is toward faucets and sinks that allow you to avoid water waste, using just enough of this life-giving resource...
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