Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Find The Right Sink For Your Kitchen

How do you build the perfect kitchen? Start with a sink you love. KRAUS offers a range of options to suit every need and satisfy any style preference, from farmhouse sinks to clean commercial styles with contemporary zero radius corners; spacious single bowl basin sinks to multitasking double bowls; extra-deep utility basins to compact bar/prep sinks perfect for a smaller kitchen.

Sinks That Suit Your Lifestyle
Create your own personalized kitchen workstation: Prepping, cooking, and cleaning have never been easier thanks to the KORE™ Series, a collection of workstation sinks designed with an integrated ledge and a range of interchangeable accessories that allow you to utilize the space over your sink in a whole new way. Everything from rinsing to slicing to serving can now happen right where you need it to for easy cleanup.

Undermount SinksUndermount Sinks
Undermount Sinks
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Apron Front Sinks
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Bar Sinks
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Top Mount/Drop In Sinks
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Stainless Steel Sinks
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Enameled Steel Sinks
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Laundry Sinks
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Workstation Sinks
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Granite Sinks
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Fireclay Sinks

Choosing the Right Fit

Single Bowl: If you often find yourself wishing for more space in the basin to soak and wash large items like stock pots and baking sheets, a large kitchen sink may be the most ideal option for you. Choose from one of many kitchen sink models with a single, deep bowl that can accommodate all of your cookware and more.

Double Bowl: If your sink does double duty as a place for both cooking and cleaning, choose a spacious double kitchen sink that allows you to perform separate tasks at the same time, like washing dishes and preparing ingredients.

For a large or extra-busy kitchen, consider installing two sinks – a main one and a secondary island or bar sink for quick rinses or washing your hands.

And what about mounting? Materials? Special features? No matter what your design goals are, we’ve got you covered:

Undermount: A modern kitchen sink with sleek profiles mount directly to the underside of the countertop, creating a beautifully streamlined look with a seamless transition from counter to sink.

Topmount: For easier installation and as a great option for replacement sinks that need to fit in an existing countertop cutout, we offer drop-in and dual mount models (designed for either topmount or undermount installation). Although topmounts usually have rounded corners, the Pax™ Series offers a selection of designs with distinctive zero-radius corners for a level of style that’s unprecedented for a drop-in sink.

Farmhouse: If you want to make a distinctive design statement, an apron front is the way to go: Farmhouse sinks make a striking focal point and provide a ton of functionality, with extra-deep basins that can fit all of your dishes and then some. KRAUS farmhouse sinks come in a range of innovative materials and styles, including fine fireclay, high-tech granite composite, and even sleek stainless steel.

Materials & Technologies

KRAUS sinks are built to last, from our best-selling Standart PRO™ Series, to groundbreaking granite composite sinks made with ceramic nanotechnology, to enormous and elegant Turino™ fireclay farmhouse sinks:

Stainless Steel: Don't just opt for cheap kitchen sinks but rather choose extra-tough basins with industrial appeal; not only hard-working and hard-wearing, but also able to integrate beautifully into any kitchen décor. At Kraus, we use highest-grade T304 steel, with most models constructed in extra-thick TRU16 real 16-gauge: the most durable gauge on the market, always 1.5mm thick.

Granite Composite: Beautiful, durable, and versatile composite material formulated to resist chips and scratches, with rich fade-resistant color and UV protection for a long-lasting look that will not fade over time.

CeramTek™: Nearly indestructible granite composite enhanced with nanotechnology for unparalleled resistance to impact and thermal shock. The ultra-smooth surface is hydro-repellent, causing water to bead up and roll off so that your sink stays cleaner and drier after use.

KRAUS Fine Fireclay: Proprietary fireclay blend boasts a dense composition for maximum resistance to impact and thermal shock. Ultra-fine material structure allows for a perfectly even finish that is not susceptible to cracking or crazing (a series of hairline surface cracks that happen with coarse grain material).

All KRAUS sinks also come with a little something extra, whether it’s a premium stainless bottom grid with soft rubber bumpers designed to prevent scratching, or a fun and functional VersiDrain™ drain assembly complete with FlipCap to hide the drain opening for a seamless look.

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