Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks

Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks

The Center Of Attention

Catching the eye in any kitchen, Kraus farmhouse sinks make a distinctive design statement that will send your guests scrambling to see how they can achieve the same look. With traditionally inspired options and modern flat front models, you have plenty of ways to add a unique visual aspect to your kitchen space!

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A Stylish Selection

Kraus has endless options to upgrade your kitchen style, whether you prefer a sleek, modern stainless steel sink, or a traditionally inspired fireclay model that creates an enticing centerpiece, conjuring up memories, tastes, and smells; whether you prefer classic curves or a modern flat apron front that beautifully integrates into the surrounding cabinets and countertops. Many of our farmhouse Kitchen sink models can be installed as undermount, eliminating the need for special supports in the base cabinet and creating a seamless transition between countertop and sink. Offering next-level performance in addition to sleek style, our apron front workstation sinks create a workspace that is at once visually appealing and highly functional, with a built-in workstation ledge that supports a chef’s kit of accessories. 

Not Just A Pretty Sink

The beauty of Kraus sinks goes far beyond the surface. Enjoy ergonomic functionality courtesy of the time-tested apron front design: Combining a spacious washbasin with a farmhouse apron reduces the distance you have to lean to position yourself comfortably over the sink. This means less knee pain and back strain, and an easier time doing the dishes. All in addition to the undeniable style of a classic country sink!

Material Facts

Kraus kitchen farmhouse sinks come in a range of innovative materials as well as captivating styles, including fine fireclay, high tech granite composite, and even sleek stainless steel.

Our proprietary fine fireclay blend is kiln-fired at 2300°F, and boasts a dense composition that makes each farmhouse sink extraordinarily durable and highly resistant to thermal shock and any kind of impact. Unlike other sinks made from coarse grain material, high grade Kraus fireclay is ultra-fine and allows for a perfectly even finish that is not prone to cracking or crazing (a series of hairline cracks on the material’s surface).

High-tech CeramTek™ is an innovative quartz/granite composite material enhanced with nanotechnology in a remarkable fusion of advanced engineering and statement making style. Our first sinks made with CeramTek™, Bellucci™ flat apron fronts captivate the senses with ultra-modern style and vivid, saturated colors that will never dull or fade.

Built To Impress

The spacious and capacious basins of our generously sized sinks will easily fit all of your largest cookware, like stockpots and stacks of dishes. Wear-resistant commercial grade finish handles even the heaviest use while remaining sparkling clean and beautifully scrape-free. Sturdy construction makes these superb sinks worthy of the farmhouse moniker, and ensures that they will hold up beautifully for a lifetime of use. Treat your kitchen to the perfect farmhouse sink today!

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