Sensor Faucets

Sensor Faucets

Transform Any Bathroom

Enjoy ultimate comfort and sleek modern style with touchless bathroom faucets – a great option for any bathroom that sees a lot of use, whether it’s a commercial restroom space or a high-traffic residential bathroom.

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Touch-Free Technology

Featuring a motion sensor that detects the presence of hands, these faucets are engineered for easy touchless activation, allowing you turn water on and off without ever touching the faucet itself.

Keep the Bathroom Cleaner

A hands-free bathroom faucet is the perfect way to help curb the spread of germs, especially in busy or high-traffic places. Featuring a motion sensor that allows you to activate the faucet with a wave of your hand, these faucets help promote cleanliness by eliminating the need to touch potentially unsanitary faucet handles, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

From Convenience to Conservation

Not only are these motion sensor bathroom faucets easy to use, but they also help to cut down on water waste – and less water used might mean more savings on your water bills! Once activated, the flow of water automatically shuts off after 1 minute or when hands are no longer detected, helping to cut down on water waste and save money on water bills.

Sleek Modern Style

This sleek, modern motion sensor bathroom faucet exudes a sense of contemporary elegance, with no handle for a streamlined look with smooth unbroken lines. The clean minimalist design seamlessly integrates with various bathroom aesthetics, from minimalist to high-end luxury. The absence of a visible handle not only enhances the look but also contributes to easy maintenance, as there are no crevices for grime to accumulate. This design choice adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom, making these faucets a perfect way to create a style statement with a neat and uncluttered look.

Perfect for Public Spaces

Commercial touchless bathroom faucets are a great way to keep public bathrooms cleaner and to cut down on water waste, with an automatic shut-off that’s triggered after 60 seconds or when hands are removed from the faucet’s sensor zone. To offer additional safety for a wide range of users, the water temperature can be pre-set during installation using an under-counter mixing valve, which can help to prevent the risk of injury from hot water and ensure a pleasant experience with the ideal water temperature.

Great for Residential Spaces

In a busy home, a touchless bathroom faucet enhances both convenience and cleanliness, simplifying your daily routine and keeping mess to a minimum. These faucets are also easy to use for individuals that have trouble grasping or reaching a faucet handle.

Easy to Install

This battery-powered sensor faucet does not require electrical hardwiring, eliminating the need for complex wiring procedures, and making this an easy DIY installation for any home improvement project. The single hole configuration type requires only one hole to be drilled into the countertop for mounting.

Will Even Work if the Power’s Out

Not only is the battery-powered design easy to install, but this faucet will work even if the power is out, for worry-free use at any time. To ensure a seamless experience, the sensor’s LED indicator will flash when batteries are low, letting you know that it’s time to change the batteries for optimal function. Replacement batteries are easily available and simple to install in the faucet’s included battery pack.

Spot-Free Finish

A great way to keep your space cleaner, KRAUS® bathroom sink faucets with spot-free finish repel fingerprints, help prevent stains and water spots, and easily wipe clean for a continuously fresh look.

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