Filter Faucets – Fresh Water on Demand

To accommodate the growing interest in healthy living and demand for environmentally conscious home solutions, Purita™ filter faucets allow you to access 100% pure filtered water on demand while eliminating the need for buying plastic water bottles. The sleek universal design pairs perfectly with any style of main kitchen faucet for a beautifully cohesive look. Install it as a secondary faucet in a busy kitchen, or in your bar, prep, or entertainment area for maximum functionality and style.

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    Memorial Day Sale Purita™ 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Brushed Brass FF-100BB Memorial Day Sale Purita™ 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Brushed Brass FF-100BB
    Purita™ 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Brushed BrassPurita™ 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Brushed GoldPurita™ 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet in Chrome

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Clean Water, Healthy Home

In response to the continued changes in today’s world, Kraus has created the Healthy Home™ Initiative – a new concept that embraces low-maintenance solutions to help consumers create and maintain a cleaner and safer kitchen and bathroom environment. Part of our effort to make it easier to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, these filter taps connect to your choice of in-home filtration systems, ensuring easy access to perfectly clean filtered water on demand, both for drinking and for kitchen uses such as cooking and filling ice trays.

Choose Your Ideal Filter

For simple and easy installation, Purita taps are compatible with all under-counter water filtration systems on the market, including simple filtration systems, reverse osmosis, alkaline ionizer, activated carbon, and UV filters. Choosing a concealed under-counter unit allows you to purify water while keeping bulky filter systems out of sight.

Pure Functionality & Style

Purita™ faucets offer a clean contemporary aesthetic that will uplift the style of your kitchen while providing a lifetime of top-level functionality. Designed to connect to a variety of water filtration systems, the stand-alone beverage faucets provide pure filtered water on demand. The universal design aesthetic complements a range of décor styles, and pairs perfectly with any Kraus kitchen faucet for a cohesive look.

Kraus Quality

Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Purita™ faucets are made from heavy-duty solid brass for long-lasting durability and a beautifully heavyweight look and feel. Lead-free brass waterlines keep the water flow from coming into contact with contaminants, so that your filtered water will always be clean and pure. Top-quality components including premium ceramic cartridges made by best-in-industry suppliers ensure a lifetime of leak-free performance.

User Friendly and Eco Conscious

Featuring a practical and easy-to-use configuration, these single handle faucets are designed for quick and easy control of water flow and volume. The ADA-compliant single-lever design ensures safe and easy access to purified drinking water. Rotating 360° for complete sink access, the slender gooseneck spout is perfect for filling glasses, pots, and reusable water bottles. Reducing reliance on purchasing water in single-use plastic bottles not only saves you hundreds of dollars on bottled water, it also helps contribute to a cleaner planet.

Universal Look

A sleek contemporary design makes this drinking water dispenser tap a stylish addition to any kitchen or bar/entertainment area. Pair it with a coordinating pull down or commercial pull-down faucet for maximum style impact, and redefine the functionality of your kitchen with the perfect combination of quality and performance for a healthier home.

A Distinctive Touch – Style the Way You Want It

Small touches can make a big difference for your kitchen decor. Complement your main kitchen faucet or create a fun contrasting look with your choice of finish: Purita™ comes in all of our most popular options, including classically-inspired Chrome, bold Matte Black, soft and appealing Brushed Gold, warm and distinctive Brushed Brass, and of course fingerprint-resistant Spot Free Antique Champagne Bronze and Spot Free Stainless Steel for a soft elegant look that requires minimal maintenance. All Kraus finishes are designed to be wear-resistant, rust proof, long lasting, and will not fade or tarnish over time.

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