Laundry/Utility Sinks

Laundry/Utility Sinks

Heavy-Duty Sinks That Can Handle Any Task

Spacious, stylish, and highly functional, Kraus laundry/utility sinks offer plenty of room to accommodate your largest household tasks. A range of unexpectedly stylish designs allows you to upgrade any space, from the kitchen to the laundry room and beyond. Extra-tough construction ensures that you’ll enjoy your game-changer of a sink over a lifetime of worry-free use.

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The Many Uses of a “Laundry Sink”

Although it is an extremely convenient addition to any clothes-washing area, laundry sinks are so much more. You might think that you can only do the laundry in one of these sinks, as the name suggests, but the extra-large and extra-tough basins are surprisingly multifunctional! Unlike the traditional kitchen or bathroom sink, laundry tubs are designed to have extra depth and a wider surface area so that they can accommodate a wide range of things, including large loads of clothing and oversized items that won’t fit in the washing machine. The generous dimensions make an ideal fit for any kitchen (especially large or very busy spaces), mudroom, garage, basement, or workshop. Use these fantastic fixtures for whatever you need – for watering plants and cleaning up after gardening, filling and emptying buckets of water, as a handy space to wash mops and other large cleaning implements; fill it with ice for use as a cooler, providing easy access to drinks while you’re entertaining; enjoy the added room for washing art supplies, various tools, and even your pets.

… And Yes, They’re Great for Your Laundry Room!

Although the term “utility sink” might be more appropriate due to the endless applications for these highly functional fixtures, their contribution to the laundry space cannot be overlooked. In addition to providing a comfortable workspace and making your laundry time more efficient, having a laundry tub will help a great deal in the care and maintenance of your garments. The oversized basins are useful for pre-soaking or handwashing clothes, taking care of large items like blankets that won’t fit in your washing machine, or even just cleaning up around the house. A home improvement that can benefit any dwelling, this spacious sink is perfect for larger households where you have to get through a lot of laundry, and allows you to wash up without having to go up or down stairs to access the sink in your kitchen or bath.

Beautiful Design for Highly Functional Spaces

To address your heavy-duty cleaning needs beyond the kitchen, utility tub manufacturers tend to focus on practicality as a primary feature, with heavy-duty industrial designs that treat aesthetics as an afterthought. With Kraus, you won’t have to sacrifice style for functionality or vice versa – our laundry sink collection offers a gamut of options, including sleek modern designs with tight-radius corners that will instantly upgrade the look of any décor. For streamlined contemporary style that is hard to find in a utility sink, choose one of our undermount designs, or check out a Standart PRO™ Series topmount sink designed for easy drop-in installation.

Installation Types

The traditional configuration for a laundry room sink is the stand-alone, floor mounted unit. Our undermount and drop-in configurations offer a striking alternative, with the added benefit of a base cabinet for extra storage space.

Undermount models can be installed with granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops. This installation type will create a contemporary look and make cleaning easier, since you can simply wipe water and debris from your various household tasks from the counter into the utility sink.

Topmount models drop in to a hole cut into the countertop, and work with all of the above materials as well as with laminate and butcher block counters. The installation flexibility of a drop-in sink is due to an all-around mounting rim that prevents water from penetrating the exposed edge of the countertop.

Ultra-Durable Construction

Sturdier than the standard acrylic laundry tub, Kraus stainless steel sinks are highly resistant to heat and chemicals, and made with high-performance TRU16 – the thickest and most durable 16-gauge steel available on the market – for long-lasting use. NoiseDefend™ Soundproofing eliminates noise and vibration from all of your heavy-duty tasks. Designed to drain better than the traditional flat-bottomed designs, the sink bottom is sloped to ensure complete drainage.

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