Solid Surface Sinks

Solid Surface Sinks

Seriously Superb Sinks

Durability is essential when it comes to choosing the right sink for your bathroom – after all, it’s going to see a lot of use! Made to the most exacting standards of quality, Kraus solid surface sinks are the epitome of superior strength and are engineered to stand up to impact without cracking, chipping, or even scratching.

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The Material Difference

Combining the very best of nature and technology, Kraus solid surface sinks are made from a unique mineral composite material that provides unparalleled strength and resistance to impact. The material has stone-like qualities, but with a sleeker and more uniform appearance and an ultra-smooth soft-touch surface. What really makes this material unique, however, is its incredible versatility; with solid surface, an almost endless array of sink shapes and sizes is possible. So say goodbye to boring basins – solid surface sinks can be made into an enormous variety of silhouettes, not just standard oval or circular sink bowls. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right choice to fit any interior bathroom design!

Ultra-Clean With Nanotechnology

Natura™ Series sinks are enhanced with a proprietary nanotechnology gel coating which ensures a perfectly tight alignment of particles, creating a completely non-porous surface that repels water, mold, and bacteria for a more hygienic bathroom environment and a healthier life. This ultra-thin hard gelcoat layer also offers superior resistance to scratches and stains, for an all-around perfect experience.

Super Strong

Don’t let their slender forms and attenuated edges fool you – solid surface makes some of the strongest sinks around!

In professional drop testing comparisons, Natura™ sinks stood up to hard impacts with no damage where traditional (non-Kraus) ceramic sinks cracked and shattered.

Feel It To Believe It

Kraus solid surface sinks feature a silky smooth soft-touch matte finish that is oh-so-pleasant to the touch, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of it! As an added bonus, the ultra-smooth non-porous construction makes cleaning easy: Food and liquid won’t stick to the sleek surface, so your sink will stay free of spots and stains. Maintaining a pristine look is simple, since you can clean the sink without the need for scrubbing or harsh detergents.

High Quality And High Style

The ultra-modern matte finish of Natura™ reflects ambient light in a diffuse manner that creates a soft and airy aesthetic, making them seem almost luminous. Installing a Natura™ sink adds a feeling of spa-like luxury to any bathroom – use this aesthetic to accentuate a modern space, or add a striking contemporary touch to any style of bathroom décor.

Silent As A Stone

Sturdy, stone-like construction makes these incredible sinks naturally sound-absorbing and ultra-quiet, whether you’re washing dishes or using the garbage disposal.

Multiple Mounting Types

Shape, size, and mounting style are all key features to consider when you’re selecting a bathroom sink. Kraus solid surface composite sinks are available in multiple mounting types, including vessel, undermount, and even semi-recessed installation. Enjoy the versatility of the Natura™ Series, and build a better bathroom!

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