Undermount Sinks

Undermount Sinks

The Beauty Of Undermount Installation

Designed for a streamlined high-end look, undermount sinks create a seamless transition from sink to counter for a sleek modern aesthetic and easy maintenance. This sophisticated mounting type also makes your bathroom vanity look clean and uncluttered, and shows off the beauty of the countertop.

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Cleaning Made Easier

Since undermount bathroom sinks are attached to the counter or vanity top from underneath, there is no visible mounting deck. This confers several distinct advantages; besides the sleek and seamless aesthetic that makes it the cleanest-looking application, no exposed rim means less space for dirt and debris to collect, which means less cleaning overall! Since the sink is flush underneath the counter, this also allows you to wipe water from the countertop directly into the sink, making cleanup a snap (perfect for busy family bathrooms or just easy maintenance for everyday use).

Measure Twice

What size of undermount sink do you need? Well, the right sink dimensions depend on the size and shape of the space available to you. For undermount sinks, your cabinet size is the most important measurement. Unlike top mount sinks, this installation type needs to be supported by clamps and adhesive, so you’ll need a little extra space to make sure that the sink stays in place. For ultimate convenience, all Kraus undermount bathroom sinks come with a cut-out template and mounting hardware included for ease of installation.

A Home Improvement That Also Improves Resale Value

Since they take more steps to install than a drop-in sink, undermount sinks hold a much higher resale value, and increase the value of your remodel, renovation, or even new construction. For accuracy’s sake, please make sure to measure your vanity or countertop before choosing the right undermount sink for you!

Choose Your Own Adventure/A Faucet For Every Sink

By eliminating the visible mounting deck, this sink style allows you to install the faucet configuration of your choosing; from sleek single-handle basin faucet to center-set to three-piece widespread. Explore the vast selection of Kraus bathroom faucets to get the perfect piece to complement your sink and shine like jewelry in your bath.

A Great Fit

Under-counter installation seamlessly integrates into the design of any bathroom, from master bath to guest bath to powder room. Since there is no rim taking up space on the vanity top, this installation type is great for smaller bathrooms, but can also look eye-catchingly sleek and modern in any size of bathroom. As a bonus, you’ll have more room on your bathroom counter; with the sink installed underneath it, there’s a bit more counter space available for you to use!

Show Off Your Countertop

Since this type of sink is installed underneath the counter, more of the countertop material is displayed, for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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