Enameled Steel Sinks

Enameled Steel Sinks

Performance & Style

Kraus enameled steel sinks are proof that advancements in the kitchen and bath industry can still do justice to classic designs. Made with an extremely durable and lightweight steel core that makes installation a breeze, these sinks offer the perfect blend of quality, value, and versatile style.

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Material Difference

An innovative twist on the traditional enameled sink, these sinks offer the high-end look of a cast iron sink with the added benefit of a steel core that’s 65% lighter, making installation a breeze while maintaining the timeless style. Constructed from dent resistant commercial-grade T304 steel, each sink is coated with high-grade porcelain enamel and double-fired at high temperatures of 1500°F to create a virtually indestructible high-gloss finish that will never rust or corrode. Less rigid than cast iron (and less likely to cause dropped items to break), these sinks are a long-lasting and easy to install way to upgrade the functionality and style of your kitchen.

Surprisingly Modern Style

Get the classically inspired aesthetic of an enameled sink with a sleek, modern style upgrade. Designed for a fresh modern look, Kraus offers the option of sinks with tight-radius corners that create a contemporary silhouette (and allow for easy cleaning).

Advanced Finish Technology

A thick coating of porcelain enamel finish is applied to each sink by hand and fired at high temperatures of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to create a glossy, perfectly smooth surface that is highly resistant to stains, chips, and scratches. The non-porous glaze prevents food residue from sticking to the bottom and sides of the basin, making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy – simply wipe your sink down with a damp cloth to keep it shining like new.

Ultra-Quiet Design with Superior Soundproofing

3-level sound barrier technology offers a pleasingly quiet experience with no tinny sounds from water hitting the bottom of the basin. Thick super-silencer pads, protective foil layer, and insulating undercoat eliminate noise and vibration while the sink is in use and prevent condensation in the base cabinet.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Perfectly smooth non-porous enameled surface prevents the growth of bacteria for a healthier and more hygienic kitchen; easily wipes clean with a soft sponge

Highly Heat Resistant

Ultra-thick porcelain enamel coating is heat resistant up to 1112°F – these sinks can handle your hottest pots and pans without breaking a sweat!

Enameled Steel vs. Cast Iron

If you’re looking to renovate or even fully remodel your kitchen or bathroom, there is an ever-expanding variety of materials available, among which both enameled steel and cast iron are valued for their durability, functionality, and easy maintenance. Although both types of sinks are coated with a baked-on porcelain enamel finish, and may even have a similar appearance, the core construction does make a difference in both looks and performance. Enameled steel sink designs tend to have a more streamlined modern look, while cast iron often has a more traditional, somewhat dated look that doesn’t blend easily with contemporary spaces. Additionally, due to their extremely heavy construction, enameled sinks with a cast iron core are difficult to install, and will require an exceedingly strong base cabinet and countertop, or one with specialized supports built in to hold up and redistribute the weight of the sink. Since drilling a hole into steel is far simpler and easier than into cast iron, these sinks offer a much wider range of options when it comes to installing a faucet and accessories; cutting holes into cast iron requires specialized tools wielded by a professional to avoid damaging the enamel coating.

Care & Maintenance

Sinks coated in enamel, whether they are cast iron or steel, are resistant to stains, odors, and household chemicals, making them easier to clean than many other materials. However, this durability only lasts as long as the surface is not chipped or cracked. Abrasive things like scrubbing pads and harsh cleansers can damage the enamel finish; you should also take care to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects into the sink.

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