Bar Sinks

Bar Sinks

Compact Sinks That Suit Any Space

The perfect complement for a main kitchen sink from our outstanding stainless steel collections, including the Kore™ Workstation Series, these streamlined sinks can be installed as auxiliary prep areas in a large kitchen as well as stand-alone sinks in a bar, basement, or entertainment area – anywhere you need a spot for refreshment or washing up!

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What’s In a Name?

Bar sinks can also be referred to as prep sinks, island sinks, wet-bar sinks, or entertainment sinks. Designed with dimensions that are usually smaller and shallower than your average kitchen sink, these compact-but-mighty basins really do make a convenient addition to any home bar… but they also pack quite a punch as primary sinks in small kitchens where counter space is limited, as well as secondary sinks in a larger kitchen.

Style Versatility

A wide range of aesthetic choices, from clean and classic designs with sweeping rounded lines to sleek modern sinks with straight walls and tight-radius corners, allows you to pick the perfect look and set the tone for your décor.

More Room for Activities

Additional prep space with a plumbing connection is always a good thing, especially for large households, busy kitchens, or home chefs that love to cook and entertain. Despite the best intentions, during meal prep or clean-up your sink can end up full to the brim with dishes – For maximum efficiency, it helps to have a faucet and drain that remain free of obstruction available when quick actions are needed. Installing a secondary sink in your kitchen workspace offers a place to wash your hands, get water for cooking, or quickly rinse measuring cups, mixing bowls, utensils, and cooking implements while you are in the process of making food.

Upgrade Your Basement Space

If you enjoy entertaining at home, you may have considered adding a bar area as an upgrade to your finished basement. Even though social distancing has made it necessary to cut down on in-person interaction at least for the time being, a well-stocked bar that’s full of your favorite beverages (whether you prefer a stiff drink or non-alcoholic options like juices, sodas, and smoothies) can still enhance your time spent at home. The main idea here is to simply have a space in your basement where you can wash your hands and quench your thirst without having to go all the way upstairs to your kitchen. Besides adding an inviting vibe to your living space, a basement remodel that incorporates a wet bar is also an excellent way to increase the resale value of your home, with optimal cost vs. value results – it’s exactly the kind of exciting feature that modern home buyers might be looking for!

Turn Your Dry Bar into a Wet Bar

When you’re adding a bar to your basement, living room, or entertainment space, plumbing can make all the difference. While a dry bar may have shelves, cabinets, and a countertop for preparing drinks, a wet bar also includes a sink with running water that makes mixology much easier, and allows you to simply rinse glasses on the spot rather than carrying them to the kitchen. Some wet bars even feature a faucet tap that connects to an under-counter filtration system for clean, fresh drinking water on demand!

Size Matters

The depth of the sink you choose depends on the space you have in the base cabinet for plumbing. If you don’t have a lot of room to accommodate a deep basin, installing a smaller sink ensures that you have enough space to install the required plumbing.

Double the Functionality in Half the Size

Like our world-renowned kitchen sinks, Kraus bar/prep sinks come with options to customize the experience to your needs. A perfect solution for when you’re short on countertop space, even the smallest Kore™ Workstation sinks come with custom accessories like cutting boards and sink covers that rest on the integrated ledge to make food prep and cleanup easier.

Impressively Durable Construction

All sizes of Kraus stainless steel sinks are constructed from extra-tough TRU16 – the thickest and most durable 16-gauge steel available on the market – for ultimate resistance to dents and damage. The wear-resistant and fade-proof finish is easy to clean and maintain, and will not rust or dull over time. For a pleasantly quiet experience when the sink is in use, super-quiet NoiseDefend™ sound dampening technology eliminates noise and vibration from dropped items and running water. All Kraus sinks are engineered for quick and complete drainage, with an optimized angle to the slope of the sink bottom that prevents fragile glassware from falling over.

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