8 Great Kitchen Gifts for Father's Day

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Posted: June 9th, 2022 | Categories: Press Room, Trend Report

Father’s Day is an opportunity to thank our dads – something most of us realize we should have been doing all year long! We thank them for the things that they have taught us, countless hours spent molding us in subtle ways and giving us valuable skills to succeed in life.

Dads teach their kids how to turn wrenches and swing hammers, how to make the perfect pancake and grill a burger just right. But they also teach them to stop and smell the coffee, the importance of getting your hands dirty every now and then, and that even the biggest messes can be cleaned up.

No matter what your dad is like, or the lessons that he has taught you, we have the perfect gift to say “thank you” this Father’s Day.

1. The Complete Kitchen Toolkit

The Kore™ 57-inch workstation is a perfect gift for the dad who is a jack of all trades. Wearing many hats, he’s a pro-chef, an entertainer, a modern renaissance man who juggles it all and needs the right toolkit to get the job done. Engineered with an innovative 2 ledge design, the Kore workstation supports a suite of custom-fit sliding accessories that allow you to tackle every kitchen task, from meal prep to clean-up, directly over the sink. Made with extra-tough TRU16™ real 16-gauge stainless steel and durable corrosion-resistant finish, this sink is meant to handle anything you throw at it. The impressive size and sleek undermount design make for a striking kitchen centerpiece that makes a BIG statement.

2. The Desperado of Design

Kore™ Sinks with PVD Gunmetal Finish are an ideal gift option for the dad who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and whose approach to life tends to go against the grain. He has an modern outlaw sense of style that is both timeless, and yet boldly unconventional by traditional standards. PVD Gunmetal Finish breaks the mold for what stainless steel sinks should look like, offering a unique color option for this dynamic material. Designed to blend with today’s popular black stainless steel appliances, these sinks also pair beautifully with black faucets and hardware, as well as contrasting finishes for a look that really catches the eye. The integrated workstation ledge supports an included roll-up dish drying rack and premium acacia hardwood cutting board, creating a kitchen centerpiece that is as functional as it is stylish.

3. The DIY Guy’s Dream Faucet

Maybe Dad is looking for a kitchen upgrade but doesn’t want to spend all Father’s Day weekend renovating (who can blame him?). The Oletto™ Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is the perfect gift for an easy DIY upgrade. QuickDock™ mounting technology allows you to easily install your faucet to the sink deck or countertop from above, with no need for uncomfortable installation inside the base cabinets. Pre-attached water lines simplify the process even further so that you can have your faucet replaced within minutes. Clean minimalist lines allow the Oletto™ faucet to fit seamlessly into any kitchen style for an easy match that is sure to please.

4. The Outdoor Entertainer

If your dad thinks that entertaining is best done outdoors, where the breeze is blowing and the sun is shining, Kore™ Outdoor Workstation Bar Sinks are the perfect gift this Father’s Day. Whether he is a self-proclaimed grill master, or he just likes to whip up some cocktails and share a conversation on the patio, these sinks will help to bring all the convenience of an indoor kitchen to his favorite entertainment area. Designed with T-316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel for extreme corrosion resistance, Kore™ Outdoor Sinks are ideal for exposed environments and high-use areas where the ability to withstand wear and tear is essential. Each sink features a workstation ledge that supports an included bamboo cutting board/sink cover to add extra functionality so that you can make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

5. The Rugged Renegade Faucet

The Allyn™ Industrial Pull-Down Faucet is ideal for the guy who appreciates refined style that doesn’t sacrifice authenticity or grit. Designed to celebrate the union of art and industry, this faucet brings the best of the artisan tradition into your home with carefully crafted decorative details and highly functional design. Clean lines are enhanced by hexagonal bolt-shaped accents and detailed diamond knurling, for a bespoke aesthetic that will enhance any kitchen style – from classic to contemporary. The faucet features all of the functional benefits of a pull-down dual-function spray head, and is available in a range of trending finishes to match your style.

6. The Thirst Quencher

Maybe your dad is an athlete. Maybe he is always working up a sweat while tackling chores around the house. Or, perhaps he just loves a really refreshing glass of water. And who doesn’t?! Home filtration systems are a rising trend in kitchen design for all of these reasons, and Kraus® 2-in-1 Filter Faucets make a great gift any dad who might want to quench his thirst. The Britt™ and Bolden™ Filter Faucets combine the benefits of an industrial-style pull down faucet with the convenience of an integrated filter tap. The 2-in-1 design eliminates the need for a separate filter tap or a bulky faucet-mounted filter, streamlining the look of your kitchen. These faucets are designed with DuoPure™ Technology which features two independent lines for regular and filtered water, preventing the possibility of cross- contamination and ensuring 100% purified water every time.

7. A Helping Hand for the Man of Action

If your dad is the kind of guy who is always juggling 5 things at once, and somehow manages to keep all of them in the air, Kraus® Touch Faucets are the perfect gift this father’s day. Touch-activated TapFlow™ technology allows you to turn the flow of water on and off with a gentle touch anywhere on the faucet body or spout. Designed for a nearly hands-free experience, this faucet is perfect for busy kitchens, allowing you to turn the water on by tapping the faucet with your elbow or wrist when your hands are full or dirty. It also helps to cut down on germ transfer when washing your hands after messy tasks, so that dad can get back to the job at hand without skipping a beat! Kraus® offers a variety of touch faucet designs, ranging from sleek, modern models, to those with bold industrial styling so that you are guaranteed to find something to match any kitchen aesthetics.

8. The Swiss Army Knife of the Kitchen

Perhaps the most all-around versatile gift for every dad who likes to spend time in the kitchen is the Kraus® Roll-up Dish Drying Rack But to call this multi-purpose tool a “drying rack” oversimplifies what it is capable of. This is Swiss Army knife of the kitchen! Designed to lay flat across the sink, the drying rack eliminates messy puddles that can leave your countertops and cabinets soaking wet. The stainless steel core is rated to hold up to 80 lbs. in order to support your heaviest kitchen items. With a flexible and food-safe silicone coating, it can also be used as a colander for washing fruits and vegetables. You can even use it as a trivet for protecting your counters and tabletops from hot pans, with a heat- safe rating up to 400°F. Best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe and can be rolled up and tucked away for easy storage after use.

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much he means to you, with a gift that hits him right in the heart of his home.