Kraus Farmhouse Sinks Marriage of Utility and Elegance

The Farmhouse Sink: A Marriage of Utility and Elegance

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Posted: April 7th, 2021 | Categories: Press Room, Trend Report

Farmhouse sinks are one of the most distinctive types of kitchen sink. Recognizable by the exposed ‘apron’ front that is prominently displayed between the cabinets, this type of sink creates a striking centrepiece that exudes practical functionality alongside proud heritage. Boasting a long and illustrious history, it’s no exaggeration to say that the farmhouse sink has weathered the storm of modern innovation and has truly stood the test of time.

Sometimes known as a farm sink or apron front sink, the farmhouse sink originated in the British Isles in the 17th century, in a world without running water. The lack of indoor plumbing meant water had to be fetched by hand from local pumps or wells, and since the sink was used for everything from preparing food to cleaning laundry and washing children, it needed to be spacious, deep, and comfortable to use. The farmhouse sink started life as a revolutionary solution to a common problem and quickly became a household staple, often specified as a requirement in early building codes throughout Ireland and Britain. The popularity of the farmhouse sink spread from the British Isles into France by the 19th century, and the idea eventually spread to the United States.

Modern farmhouse sinks preserve the original practicality of their 17th century equivalents, with added flair and functionality for the modern home. Their sustained popularity is easy to explain: The deep basin is made for big, messy tasks, and the apron front extends past the cabinets – eliminating the need to stoop uncomfortably over the sink and increasing comfort for the user. Given the highly functional design, it is no wonder the farmhouse sink continues to be one of the most popular sink styles.

Perfect for big families, foodies, home chefs, and those who love to entertain, the farmhouse sink is an ideal choice for those who want functionality and style in their kitchen. Here at Kraus® we’ve blended the rich history and practicality of the farmhouse sink with exciting new finishes and modern engineering. Here are a few of our favorites:

Traditional Appeal Meets Modern Functionality

The Turino™ Fireclay workstation farmhouse sink bears a striking resemblance to its early ancestors while offering design flexibility for the modern home. Featuring a beautifully pronounced apron front in white fireclay ceramic material, the innovative reversible design allows you to choose between a traditionally inspired round-profile apron with decorative grooves, or a sleeker flat apron for a more modern kitchen. The versatile workstation design features an integrated ledge that supports sliding accessories from cutting boards to drying racks, allowing you to streamline your workflow from meal- prep to clean-up. The durable solid core fireclay blend is highly resistant to impact and thermal shock, and the sink is finished with a thick coating of porcelain enamel that’s kiln fired to produce a non- porous, high-gloss surface. Unlike many fireclay sinks on the market, the Kraus® Turino™ Fireclay Workstation with porcelain enamel finish is not prone to cracking and crazing and is highly stain and scratch-resistant. The Turino™ Fireclay farmhouse sink will give your kitchen a timeless feel with the advantage of advanced functionality, thanks to the workstation design.

Cutting-Edge Design for Modern Kitchens

The Kore™ Workstation in PVD Gunmetal Finish takes the head-turning style of a stainless steel apron front sink and combines it with striking PVD gunmetal finish – a unique color option for kitchen sinks that will stop people in their tracks. This color option matches well with today’s popular black stainless steel appliances and makes this sink a truly versatile showpiece. The gunmetal finish achieves a modern-yet-timeless appearance that works incredibly well for farmhouse sinks. Combining functionality with bold new style, Kore™ workstations have an integrated ledge to hold sliding accessories, including cutting boards, dish drying racks, colanders, and serving boards. The innovative design allows you to slice veggies, wash greens, and dry your wine glasses right over your sink without using up an inch of counter space, making it possible for you to build your own custom workspace right where you need it. While this sink’s roots go back centuries, the cutting-edge design and forward- thinking functionality could not be positioned more firmly in the future.

The Classic Fireclay Look with a Contemporary Twist

The Turino™ Fireclay farmhouse sink in matte gray has strong links to its evocative past with a twist thanks to the captivating matte finish, which gives this sink a contemporary flair. Handcrafted in Italy – the source of the world’s finest fireclay – the Turino™ Series exemplifies a stunning union of timeless design and modern functionality. The innovative reversible design gives you the option to install the sink in one of two ways – with either a traditionally-inspired rounded apron front, or a square flat apron front for a sharp modern look. While this sink is reminiscent of its original forebears, the construction is achieved using definitively 21st century methods. With an ultra-fine material blend that allows for a perfectly even application of glaze, this sink offers a resilient surface with unparalleled resistance to scratches and stains. The unique matte finish creates a soft look with a beautiful modern take on traditional fireclay.

Revolutionizing Smaller Spaces with Workstation Functionality

Small but mighty – The Kore™ 24” stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink packs the punch you need for compact kitchens. At 24 inches, this is the smallest sink in our farmhouse roundup, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices any of the functionality of its larger cousins. The farmhouse workstation comes equipped with a chef’s kit of accessories including a bamboo cutting board and silicone drying rack, so you can revolutionize your kitchen workflow right out of the box. The Kore™ farmhouse sink transforms the traditional curved apron front aesthetic with the most popular modern sink material – stainless steel – to create a distinctive modern look that fits perfectly into any environment, from traditional to modern kitchens. The commercial-grade satin finish is highly wear-resistant and easy to clean, while industry-leading NoiseDefend™ soundproofing technology makes this one of the quietest sinks on the market. This design transforms the classic look of an apron front sink with clean lines and sharp edges for today’s kitchens, and the stainless steel finish makes this sink fit seamlessly into any design style.

Remodeling Considerations

As a result of their unique design, farmhouse sinks require a few installation considerations that you don’t have to think about with other sink styles. Keep in mind that if you’re retrofitting this type of sink to an existing kitchen then existing countertop cutouts may need to be adjusted. Due to the depth of the basin, it’s likely that you’ll need to either modify the existing base cabinets or install new ones. Since farmhouse sinks are generally an undermount design, supports may need to be installed to hold the weight of the sink, depending on the countertop material that you choose. Lastly, it is worth noting that, unlike top mount sinks, your faucet, and sink accessories (such as soap dispensers and air gaps) will be installed behind the sink, requiring additional holes to be drilled into the countertop material.

The farmhouse sink is a time-tested design that has deep rooted heritage. Thanks to an injection of modernity in the form of new finishes, materials, and functionality, the farmhouse sink continues to evolve, and remains one of the most popular choices for those renovating their kitchens. The timelessness of the design, coupled with modern style and functionality is certain to add long-lasting value to your home.