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7 Ways to Bring Color into Your Bathroom

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Posted: October 10, 2021 | Categories: Trend Report, Bathroom Sink

With everything from Banana Yellow, to Emerald Green, Vibrant colors in the bathroom are back!

After the dark green and salmon pink bathroom suites of the 1970s, using color in the bathroom came to be viewed as a design faux pas for much of the last twenty years, and bathroom trends plunged headlong into monochromatic themes dominated by white, white, and more white! Now however, the use of color in bathroom design is reemerging, and it’s bolder, brighter, and better than ever.

The use of vibrant color in a smaller space can have an astonishing effect on the feel of the room. When executed well, it can contribute to an overall sense of wellness, comfort, and serenity in the space; creating a luxurious and opulent aesthetic that enhances the mood and calms the nerves. Using a bold accent color in tiles, wallpaper, or paint choice can create a focal point and bring continuity that ties the whole design together.

This sort of effect that catches the eye and creates cohesion within a space can add tremendous value to your home, increasing selling price, or simply making it more enjoyable place to live for years to come.

We know that making bold color choices for paint and fixtures can be intimidating, but when it’s done right it can really pay off. The bathroom has long been considered the decor ‘playground’ of the home. It is an ideal space in which to experiment, get playful with color, and throw caution to the wind. In this article, we go over 7 ways you can bring color into your bathroom.

#1 Go Bold with Wallpaper!

It might sound obvious, but the easiest way to go bold with color is to break out the rolls of wallpaper. Available in a whole world of eccentric geometric patterns, wallpaper can add an unexpected touch of sophistication while also allowing you to inject personality into the space. Art Deco-inspired fixtures such as the Esta™ faucet and textured Viva™ Vessel Sinks make a great complement to bathroom designs with this resplendent aesthetic.

For the same reasons, bold paint choices are making a huge comeback in the bathroom. Paint is another great way to inject striking, complex color into your designs, and the bathroom is one of the best places in the home to take a chance on funky and fun color palettes. As a smaller space, the bathroom offers an opportunity to use take risks that you might not want to take in a room with a larger wall area.

#2 Add Flair with Finishes

An easy way to bring color into your bathroom is to choose fixtures and fittings in interesting hues and finishes. The bathroom sphere has been dominated by white bathroom suites and chrome faucets for many years, but by using more sophisticated colors for your bathroom fixtures, it’s possible to bring an unexpected twist to an often-monochromatic space. Try using a faucet in matte black to add an element of luxury and depth to your design, and pair it with a ceramic sink such as this Viva™ vessel sink in pink to add a fun splash of color to your vanity! Create continuity throughout your project by selecting metal finishes in fixtures such as lighting, mirror frames, and cabinet hardware to complement your faucet selection.

#3 Geometric Tiles

Tiles: The ace up your sleeve when designing your bathroom. Whether it be a floor, half-wall, accent wall, or a fully-tiled bathroom, ceramics have the power to transform your space and create a truly dramatic look. Using tile with striking geometric shapes can add intrigue to an otherwise predictable space. Gone are the days of having to create a labor-intensive intricate mosaic for ‘wow factor’ – many tiles come pre-printed with modern designs so you can get the same effect with less effort. When using standard blank tiles, experiment with different types of patterns such as chevron, diamond, and herringbone, and don’t be afraid to bring some color into the mix! Simple subway tiles add a classic look to any space, but try mixing it up by using unique hues to create a color-pop or a custom pattern within your traditional tile work. Pair your new magnificent tile design with simple accessories like a Viva™ vessel bathroom sink and a Ramus™ vessel faucet for a streamlined look that offsets the bold tiling to create a pleasing contrast.

#4 Minimalism with Black and White

Time to get back to basics! Somewhere along the line, black and white became the flying colors of the quintessential bathroom. While it sounds like the antithesis of ‘color’, black and white themes have risen to their popular position for a reason – they work! If you think outside the box, black and white can be one of the most impressively striking bathroom themes there is. To add interest and intrigue to this archetypal pairing, throw in some complex geometric tile patterns and use granite and marble with complex, contrasting veining. The real silver bullet in your arsenal here however, lies in contrasting accent pieces. The right choice of materials and colors will complete your design and provide visual harmony. Use granite or concrete on countertops, and consider using gold accents to add some much-needed warmth to the monochromes, bringing interest and a feeling of opulence. Pair the Arlo™ vessel faucet in matte black with a white Viva™ rectangular vessel sink and you have the perfect combo to jumpstart your prototypical bathroom design.

#5 Bring the Outside In

Green holds a special place in our minds as the dominant color in natural outdoor spaces where we often go to relax and rejuvenate. When used correctly, various shades of green can create an instant sense of calm, renewal, and refreshment. Green is an often-overlooked color choice in the bathroom, so it can be an unexpected and refreshing change. Try using pastel shades of sage and fern combined with white to create a classic look, or go bold and use brighter, more vivid green color pops in paint, linens, and adventurously patterned wallpaper. To create the ultimate natural oasis, mix elements such as wood paneling and granite with green and white paint choices. Add plants to bring real, natural greens into the bathroom, and complete the look with a Natura™ vessel bathroom sink bowl to create your own relaxing, spa-like environment.

#6 Make it Bold with Black

Black: The original provocateur of drama! Choosing black as the leading color in any design can be a daunting prospect, but they say that fortune favors the bold – and a black color scheme is just that! An often-avoided interior design palette, dark design choices have made a formidable comeback in recent years to take their rightful place at the cutting-edge of bold interior design. Choosing black paint for walls can add a gravitas to your space that is undeniable. Likewise, opting for a full wall of black tile can make a bold, purposeful statement. With the yin however, must come the yang. The stakes here are high, and contrast is everything. Throw some natural wood into the mix, and offset the dark themes with sophisticated warm elements like copper and brass. Use gold accents to create a luxurious, exclusive feel to your space. The Indy™ faucet in Brushed Gold paired with a classic black Viva™ vessel sink is the perfect combination here to pull your dramatic bathroom design together.

#7 What’s this Color?

Have you ever entered a space that uses a bold, bright color palette and thought: “this shouldn’t work, but somehow it does!”? Moments of appreciation for someone else’s eye are instrumental in shaping our own tastes, and they are also one of the driving forces behind changing design trends. Don’t be afraid to blaze that crazy color trail! Think outside the box, and be the person who’s bold design choices make someone else stop and marvel at your design savvy. Follow us on Facebook for more bathroom trends!

When it comes to remodeling your home, the bathroom is a design frontier where traditional rules can be bent and even broken. In the bathroom, you should feel free to let loose and experiment with different colors in a fun space! Keep our 7 tips in mind, and you’ll be well on the way to creating the stand-out bathroom of your dreams in no time.