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Posted: February 22, 2021 | Categories: Mike Holmes | Author: Kraus USA


When it comes to professional building contractors, there are few in the business that are as widely known or well trusted as Mike Holmes. With a decades long career in residential building and remodeling, Mike has seen it all – from the comfort and peace of mind that homeowners experience with safe, reliable, well-built homes – to the disasters that can result from botched renovation projects.

Transferring this extensive experience to the world of television, Mike has developed and hosted several successful TV series in which he uses his signature “Make it Right” philosophy to help homeowners tackle every type of home repair project you can imagine.

Along the way, he shares insights on the top brands and products that he relies on to help him get the job done right. Chosen for quality, durability, and performance, we have put together a short list of the Kraus products that got the official Holmes Seal of Approval!

Functionality Boosting Kitchen Sinks – KORE™ Workstations

Kore™ workstation sinks are the ideal renovation solution of homeowners who want to be able to accomplish more with their available kitchen space. Engineered with an integrated ledge that supports custom-fit sliding accessories, Kore workstations allow you to work directly over the sink, saving valuable counter space and streamlining kitchen workflow from meal prep, to serving, to clean-up. Available in a wide range of sizes and mounting styles, these sinks are great fit for any kitchen – from large party-ready layouts, to compact kitchens. Made with TRU16 extra-thick 16-gauge stainless steel, these super durable sinks are designed to last for a lifetime of use. The full offering of accessories includes a variety of cutting boards, dish racks, colanders, mixing bowls, and serving board sets that allow you to customize the way you work.

Easy-To-Clean Sinks with Non-Porous Surface – Dex™ Stainless Steel Series

If you are like us, keeping your home clean, healthy and germ-free is top-of-mind lately. Between food leftovers and other dirt and grime from daily tasks, the average kitchen sink is a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. That’s why Kraus developed the Dex™ Series. Constructed with proprietary T304Plus, these Healthy Home™ Products are made from an antibacterial stainless steel blend that is enhanced with copper ions that kill up to 99.9% of germs that touch the sink surface! This makes Dex one of the cleanest sinks on the market.

Luxurious & Easy-To-Clean – Bellucci™ Granite Composite Workstations

Looking for a clean sink that packs a punch in terms of style and functionality? Bellucci is the sink you are looking for! Made from an advanced quartz composite material, these sinks have a striking visual appearance with the look and feel of real stone. This unique material blend is enriched with a special type of silver ion that actually repels bacteria. While it does not kill the germs entirely, silver ions impede their growth so that it’s impossible for bacteria to thrive on the sink surface. And with a built-in workstation ledge, this design allows you to do even more with your sink.

Affordable Sinks Designed for Pros – Kraus Builder Packs

If you are a professional builder like Mike, and you are turning over frequent or high-volume projects, Kraus Builder Packs offer a great solution for cutting down on costs while maintaining the high quality of your kitchen builds or remodels. These packages feature our most universal sink designs in bundles of 3 so that you save more with bulk pricing. The space-saving EZStack™ design is engineered with 95°-angled sidewalls that allow for compact nested stacking, eliminating packaging material waste and making it easy to transport and store extra inventory until you’re ready to install. All single-bowl and double-bowl models feature versatile low-profile designs that are suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles, making these sinks suitable for any job. Thicker than other builder sink models available on the market, Kraus Builder Packs are made with heavy-duty 18 gauge T304 stainless steel for superior resistance to dents and damage.

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Faucets with Hands-free Operation – Bolden Sensor Faucet™

Have you ever finished preparing a labor-intensive meal – you know, the kind that requires you to get your hands dirty – only to realize that you now need to deep-clean your kitchen faucet because you accidentally covered it in raw ingredients? That’s why we engineered the Bolden™ Sensor Faucet for hands-free activation that allows you to turn water on and off with just the wave of a hand. Perfect for busy kitchens, this Kraus innovation helps to cut down on germ transfer so that you no longer have to touch the faucet spout or handle when cleaning up after messy tasks like preparing raw foods. Bolden’s commercial pull-down design, optimized for residential use, creates a captivating industrial look with a high-arc open coil spout, and offers the advantage of a compact 18-inch height that fits where other commercial-style faucets can’t.

Purified Water On Demand – Kraus Filter Faucets

Water filtration systems are a rapidly rising trend in kitchen design, with good reason – a filter system allows individuals to obtain pure filtered water on demand, both for consumption and other kitchen uses such as cooking. To ensure easy access to filtered water, Kraus has introduced a new collection of stand-alone water filter faucets in a range of universal designs to address any homeowner’s style preference. Compatible with all filtration systems on the market, these lead-free brass faucets connect to a range of under-counter units that purify water while keeping bulky filters out of sight. The high-arc spouts are perfect for filling reusable water bottles, saving hundreds of dollars on bottled water and helping contribute to a cleaner planet. All Kraus Filter Faucets can be paired with a matching primary Kraus faucet for a beautifully cohesive look.

We have partnered with Mike Holmes to bring you more great information on how to handle your next home project, and how to “Make it Right”. Check out Mike’s website for tons of industry-leading insights, and be sure to follow us on Instagram where we will be sharing more of Mike’s tips soon!