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Time to Get Onboard with Matte Black Finishes!

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Posted: April 16th, 2020 | Categories: Press Room, Trend Report

If you look back at your saved kitchen and bathroom Pinterest pins over the past few years you would probably notice the tides of faucet finish trends ebbing and flowing. Recently though you might have noticed a sleek and dramatic entry into trending faucet finishes: matte black.

Matte black faucets are a natural choice for millennials who want a minimalist design aesthetic. They are bold and unabashedly modern, but black is timeless and something that won’t easily go out of style. So while a brushed nickel finish might seem like a safe choice, chances are you won’t tire of your matte black faucets either. It’s a modern choice but also works great in an eclectic or classic aesthetic. It can make a modern design more bold and a classic design relevant to today's tastes.


Lofty Goals: The Ultimate Urban Industrial Kitchen

Smooth steel, cool grey concrete, warm deep-toned wood, and bare exposed brick, a lofty industrial feeling space is the ultimate urban habitat. In the kitchen, the Urbix™ Industrial Bridge Faucet in matte black brings it all together. The industrial design elements of diamond-textured handles and hexagonal bolt details are a subtle nod to urban industrial design. Put it over a modern stainless steel apron front sink (or a workstation) with a brick patterned backsplash to complete the look.

Classic Design Catches Up With the Times

Traditional classic kitchens are still the most popular style, well, because they’re classic! They can be simple, charming, or even elegant. While contemporary design is recognized for its clean lines and sleek surfaces, traditional design often includes interesting details and embellishments. The Allyn™ Transitional Bridge Faucet is classic and timeless with it’s graceful curves and elegant aesthetic. In a matte black finish it gives this traditional beauty an up-to-date twist.

The Bold, the Beautiful, and the Modern Kitchen

Our kind of soap opera! A boldly designed modern kitchen is clean and sleek. Space is used efficiently with cabinetry, counters, and hardware (or lack of) following a minimalist aesthetic. Simple features draw the eye and the dramatic focal point could be the Arqo M™ Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet. A show-stopper of a faucet, the Arqo M’s sweeping high-arc spout creates beautiful clean and simple lines. It’s a natural in matte black, creating a centerpiece for a modern design while staying cool and sleek to meld with its minimalist environment.

Add some Gatsby Glamour to your Art Deco Bathroom

Rich colors, delicate detail, and bold geometry is the bee’s knee’s of Art Deco design. The Esta™ Single Handle Bathroom Faucet has an elegant linear form that brings to mind those geometric shapes and luxurious detail. It seems to have been made for a matte black finish. Pair it with a gold framed mirror and perhaps a geometric wallpaper to complete the Art Deco look.

The Future is Here (and it’s in the Bathroom!)

We love a crisp and modern bathroom and they don’t come much more streamlined than the Indy™ Single Handle Bathroom Faucet. With a clean and uncluttered look, its contemporary design is complimented perfectly in a matte black finish. This faucet looks vessel sink. While its simplicity fits into any decor it’s a natural in a modern space.

The Red Carpet Ready, Showtime Bathroom

The elegant bathroom has a new look and it’s ready to show it off. Traditional luxury slips into a sleek black form with this finish on the Arlo Single Handle Bathroom Faucet. An arched spout and graceful curves compliment this classically-inspired design. In a matte black finish, it melds traditional and contemporary aesthetics to the perfect balance of both. It compliments an elegant design and brings a touch of modernity to a space. It‘s looking its best paired with a natural stone (or faux natural stone) counter and detailed cabinetry.

One of our favorite thing about a matte black finish (unlike most others) is that it can be paired with other finishes. In fact, you can create a look by mixing it up. For instance, a matte black faucet with a brass rimmed mirror and wood vanity with tapered legs screams mid-century modern. You can take your bold modern design to new heights or you can bring your traditional spaces into a modern world. Don’t just save this post for your next big renovation! You don’t need to do a full kitchen or bathroom makeover to achieve a new look. Changing the faucets can transform the space. It’s a small change that has a big impact.

Modern Victorian bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, a chrome shower head with hose, a sink with a faucet and mirror, and white towels on a rack, Arlo Bathroom Faucet
Crystal doorknob Candle
Soak Tub
Details Cabinets
Stainless steel kitchen sink with a Kraus Urbix Kitchen Faucet and a basket strainer,  placed in a light-colored laminate countertop
Exposed Brick
Reclaimed Wood Beam
Concrete or butcher block, i85rCounter Industrial Bolt
Concrete Soap Dispenser

A bold, stand-out finish, matte black is the most recent entry into faucet finish trends. It’s a finish that is a reflection of where we are today but also where we are headed in the future. It is the new definition of color and style. So while other trends can easily slip out of fashion, the matte black finish is not only a current movement but the future of kitchen and bath design.