Drying Mats

Drying Mats

An Essential Kitchen Accessory

Something no kitchen sink should do without, Kraus Drying Mats protect your kitchen counters from water damage while you dry dishes, utensils, and even produce. The self-draining design draws water away from wet items and channels it into the sink, minimizing mess and preventing the build-up of germs and mildew.

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Smart Design

Engineered for optimal draining, the smart design of these versatile drying mats incorporates sloped drainage grooves that channel water directly into your sink (preventing puddles and protecting your kitchen counters from water damage). Raised and angled silicone ridges increase air circulation, ensuring that wet items dry more quickly. This design is perfect for drying glassware, as water spots are kept to a minimum with the increased all-around airflow. And speaking of glassware, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the optimized slope of the mat’s surface, engineered not only to promote easy draining but also to prevent fragile stemware from tipping over – as well as the soft silicone construction that cushions delicate items and makes these mats flexible enough to bend without breaking.

Premium Construction

100% food-safe, these versatile mats are made with durable BPA-free silicone, an extra-tough material that easily stands up to everyday use. The non-slip material prevents the mat from sliding around on your kitchen counter, and prevents wet or slippery items from slipping.

Put the Fun in Multi-Functional

Use this multipurpose home accessory in the kitchen to air-dry pots, pans, cutlery, produce, and more. Use it in the bathroom to protect your vanity countertops from being stained with cosmetics or damaged by hot hair styling tools. Since these impressively durable mats are heat resistant up to 400°F, you can use them as a heat-safe trivet or coaster to protect your bathroom or kitchen countertops from hot items. You can even use them as a cooling rack for baked goods straight out of the oven.

Easy Maintenance

With waterproof construction, these mats are made for hassle-free maintenance – Simply wipe food debris or spills from the mat’s surface, or throw it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The smooth and stain-resistant material is color safe and will not fade over time, so you can enjoy the beautiful look for years to come. Multiple color options are available to complement your kitchen or bathroom sink, and can add a pop of color to any décor for a perfect way to try out a bold accent.

Great For Any Space

Ideal for smaller or compact kitchens or prep areas with limited counter space, this accessory will help you make the most of your space. When not in use, the compact design fits into any drawer or cabinet for convenient storage.

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