Filter Faucets

Filter Faucets

Pure, Fresh Filtered Water on Demand

Enjoy Filtered Water Right At Your Kitchen Sink. An integral part of the Kraus Healthy Home Initiative, Kraus filter faucets and drinking water dispenser taps connect to your choice of in-home filtration systems to eliminate bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants, providing easy access to purified water on demand for drinking, cooking, or filling water bottles and ice trays. With a wide variety of styles and finish options, these faucets make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

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Pure Water, Healthy Home

In response to the continued changes in today’s world, we’ve created the Healthy Home™ Initiative – a large-scale effort that embraces low-maintenance solutions that help consumers create and maintain a clean and safe environment in the kitchen and bath. An integral part of the Healthy Home program, Kraus filter faucets allow you to access 100% pure filtered water on demand right at your kitchen sink.

Advanced Technology

Designed with DuoPure™ Technology, Kraus filter faucets eliminate the need for installing a separate drinking water dispenser faucet in your kitchen, bar, or entertainment area. Our patented technologies include the development of designs featuring independent water lines that eliminate the risk of cross-contamination – providing you with 100% purified water every time for all your drinking and cooking needs.

A Range of Style Options

Advanced functionality meets versatile style: Kraus 2 in 1 filter faucets come in a wide range of design styles to pair perfectly with any type of kitchen sink and complement any kitchen décor. Our commercial style pull down faucets feature open coil spouts that create a distinctive professional look, and offer the convenience of multi-functional designs that include pull-down spray heads with an extended range of motion. The sleek universal designs of our standalone filter taps pair perfectly with any style of main kitchen faucet for an elegant cohesive look. The freestanding taps can also serve as a secondary faucet in a busy kitchen, or in your bar, prep, or entertainment area for maximum functionality and style.

Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly – Filtered Water on Demand

Kraus filter faucets allow you to access 100% pure filtered water on demand while eliminating the need for buying plastic water bottles. This not only reduces plastic waste, lessening the impact on our environment – it also saves you money on buying single-use plastic water bottles; a win-win situation in every way!

Universal Compatibility

Designed for a wide range of applications, Kraus filter faucets connect to your choice of under counter water filtration systems to ensure easy access to perfectly clean filtered water on demand; for drinking and for kitchen uses such as cooking, baking, and filling ice trays. Pair your choice of filter faucet with the filter technology of your choice, including simple filtration, reverse osmosis, alkaline ionizer, activated carbon, UV filters, and more! Heavy-duty construction and premium components ensure long-lasting leak-free use, while pre-attached water lines and included mounting hardware make installation easy.

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