Kraus USA Introduces 2-in-1 Kitchen Faucets with Water Filter Functionality

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Posted: February 16, 2021

New Pull-Down Faucets Offer Purified Water On-Demand With Integrated Water Filter Tap

Port Washington, NY - With the countless lifestyle changes that consumers have faced in the last year, the demand for products that boost in-home access to health and wellness has never been higher. To address this need, Kraus USA has developed two new kitchen faucet models aimed at helping customers create a healthier living environment by combining powerful everyday performance with water filtration capability.

The latest addition to the Kraus Healthy Home Initiative, these innovative faucets take popular commercial-style Kraus models and enhance them with the addition of an integrated drinking water filter tap. Engineered to work with any under-counter water filtration system, including reverse osmosis, the unique 2-in-1 designs eliminate the need for a separate water filter spout, streamlining the look and functionality of any kitchen.

“The driving force behind this concept is two-fold: We want to provide easy access to clean and safe filtered water for drinking and cooking, and we want to do so in a way that will not clutter the kitchen space,” explains Todd Alexander, VP of Operations and Product Development at Kraus USA.

As an added benefit, these eco-friendly filter faucets also help to reduce plastic waste and environmental impact by eliminating the need to purchase single-use plastic water bottles. Two stylish options are currently available for purchase: Bolden™ 2-in-1 Commercial Style Pull-Down Water Filter Kitchen Faucet (KFF-1610) and Britt™ 2-in-1 Commercial Style Pull-Down Water Filter Kitchen Faucet (KFF-1691).

Learn more about the new 2-in-1 water filter faucets and other products from Kraus at or call 1-800-775-0703.

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