Bridge Faucet

Bridge Faucet

Classically Inspired Design with Versatile Modern Style

These faucets “bridge” the gap between classic and contemporary, creating a versatile design element that pairs beautifully with a wide variety of kitchen sinks to create a look that’s uniquely yours. Tailored to the current-day needs of the changing modern world, high-performance Kraus bridge faucets offer durability and functionality to match the impressive aesthetic.

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Traditional Configuration Reimagined for Today’s Kitchen

A bold and timeless kitchen fixture, the bridge faucet is characterized by its striking exposed horizontal bar, placed there to connect the hot and cold water lines in a nod to what was originally a purely utilitarian feature. This stylish touch calls to mind the traditional look of the very first farmhouse faucets, but also leaves room for customization and a breathtaking variety of design possibilities. The dramatic aesthetic of these faucets can be tailored to suit any style of kitchen, from classically inspired to clean and contemporary.

Upgraded Performance & Style – The Perfect Package

Known for unique construction and refined extravagance, bridge faucets have seen a lot of updates since their introduction at the turn of the 20th century, reimagining the timeless style with modern details and functionality. In order to give the home chef what they need in terms of day-to-day functions while still maintaining the key two-handle bridge aesthetic, Kraus faucets are engineered with features that provide enhanced functionality as well as a satisfying user experience. These technologies include features like multifunctional pull-down spray heads and pull-out side sprayers that provide all the flexibility and reach of a highly functional modern kitchen faucet.

Create a Kitchen Centerpiece

These unique faucets pair beautifully with a plethora of kitchen sink types, configurations, and styles, from contemporary granite composite farmhouse sinks to modern stainless steel sinks with tight-radius corners. By exposing the horizontal piping connecting the hot and cold handles that is usually hidden under the sink, these faucets create an expansive linear look that makes a natural pairing with the broad horizontal lines of an apron front sink. Kraus offers several excellent apron-front options to create a striking kitchen centerpiece, each with their own impressive aesthetic.

Bellucci Granite Farmhouse Series – Outstandingly Stylish

To create a striking focal point that is guaranteed to give your kitchen that undeniable wow factor, pair your new favorite faucet with the modern flat apron front design of the iconic Bellucci™; granite composite farmhouse sink. The broad lines of the impressive apron front echo the horizontal lines of the faucet bridge for a satisfyingly stylish look. The durable and versatile granite composite sink material is enhanced with antibacterial ions that repel germs for a cleaner and healthier kitchen.

Standart PRO Stainless Steel Farmhouse Series – Beautiful & Durable

Create a bold centerpiece for any kitchen by pairing your faucet with a Standart PRO™ farmhouse sink, featuring the modern industrial look of a beautifully pronounced flat stainless steel apron front with premium commercial-grade finish.

Turino Fireclay Farmhouse Series – Unparalleled Durability & Style

For the perfect combination of flawless functionality and timeless style, pair your faucet with a Turino™ farmhouse sink made from incredibly durable fireclay with wear-resistant enamel finish that resists all stains and will stand up to the heaviest use. Engineered for maximum style versatility, Turino sinks feature a smart reversible design that allows you to choose between a classically inspired apron front with rounded corners and a sleek flat apron front for a more modern look.

Complete the Look with Flawless Finish

To create a fully customized kitchen design, choose one of our striking wear-resistant finishes and create the ideal look for your perfect kitchen.

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