Kraus USA Introduces Fireclay Workstation Kitchen Sinks

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Posted: February 16, 2021

Leading Plumbing Fixture Brand Expands Offerings of Ultra-Durable Fireclay Kitchen Sinks with New Workstation Functionality

Port Washington, NY Well known for their production of high-quality workstation kitchen sinks, Kraus USA has recently expanded their Turino™ Fireclay sink series to include models with workstation functionality.

“Our goal is to offer workstation sinks in every material, every size, and every mounting style,” said Russel Levi, Co-Founder and General Manager of Kraus. “We don’t want consumers to have to limit the functionality of their kitchens because we don’t have a workstation that meets their style preferences.”

The new Turino Workstations feature an integrated workstation ledge that supports a range of sliding accessories to streamline workflow from meal prep to cleanup. A premium chef’s kit is included with each sink, packed with essential accessories like the heavy-duty composite cutting board that allows you to chop and slice without taking up an inch of valuable counter space.

Like all Turino Series sinks, the new models are handcrafted in Italy – the source of the world’s finest fireclay – with locally quarried materials. The sinks are compression-molded and finished with extra-thick enamel glaze, resulting in an incredibly strong sink that’s impervious to impact and thermal shock. A smart reversible design offers the opportunity to customize any kitchen’s style, allowing you to choose between displaying a beautifully pronounced apron front with or without ornamental grooves.

“These sinks truly are a game changer,” notes Todd Alexander, VP of Operations and Product Development at Kraus USA. “We’ve taken a sink known for its superior durability and added the functionality that homeowners have been craving in their kitchens. With the increased amount of time we’ve all been spending at home, these new sinks can really make a difference in the day-to-day lives of our customers.”

For more information on the Turino™ Series and other new products from Kraus, visit or call 1-800-775-0703.

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