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Posted: July 30, 2020

Leading Sink & Faucet Brand Reveals Traditional Designs Reimagined for Today’s Kitchen

Port Washington, NY – Eye-catching fixtures with unique designs are in increasingly high demand as homeowners continue to incorporate a more modern aesthetic into their kitchen space. Kraus USA has expertly addressed this demand with the introduction of two new Bridge Faucet families to their Kitchen Collection.

Known for unique construction and refined extravagance, bridge faucets are bold and timeless kitchen fixtures, characterized by an exposed horizontal bar that connects the hot and cold water lines. “This was originally a purely utilitarian feature,” explains Kraus Director of Product Development, Todd Alexander. “But over time, manufacturers found that the extra space in the design left room for more detailed ornamentation. We have taken that opportunity here to create new dramatic styles that we believe will only grow in popularity.”

“We are really excited to introduce these new faucets that represent the bold future of customized kitchen design,” adds Russel Levi, CEO. “Rounding out our product portfolio with these new additions gives consumers more choice and allows them to bring the best of the kitchen design trends into their own homes with minimal effort.”

Although the basic design principle is the same, the new faucets offered up by Kraus have notably different styling that bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. The graceful design of the Allyn™ bridge faucet features slim lever handles and beveled accents that give a nod to the opulence of traditional bridge faucets, while straight lines and a sleek profile blend perfectly into more modern spaces. Industrial design elements paired with a clean, angular silhouette place the Urbix™ bridge faucet firmly in the world of modern design, with a hard-working look that gives any kitchen that undeniable wow-factor while still paying tribute to designs of the past.

“Consumers are looking for increased functionality tailored to the current-day needs of the changing modern world,” notes Todd Alexander. “In order to give our customers what they need in terms of day-to-day function, we’ve carefully engineered these new faucets with features that provide an enhanced experience.” These features include multi-function pull-down sprayheads and side sprayers that provide all the flexibility of a modern kitchen faucet. Upgraded sprayer technology in the Allyn™ faucet incorporates a powerful blade function for sweeping away tough food residue. The Urbix™ faucet is designed with a spout height that can be adjusted up to one inch to match individual preferences, with a locking mechanism that secures the spout tightly to ensure stability.

Both faucets are available in a range of finishes that can dramatically transform the final look, including Spot-Free all-Brite™ Stainless Steel that’s resistant to water spots and fingerprints, requires less maintenance, and makes cleaning much easier.

Bridge faucets are just another example of how Kraus brings innovation to consumers, according to Russell Levi. “We start by identifying a need in the market. Then we combine separate ideas – in this case, the new and the old – and from that we create a unique solution. The world today demands this sort of creative thinking.”

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