Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks

Substance And Style

Kraus offers an unparalleled selection of beautiful and durable stainless steel sinks in different shapes, sizes, and styles; from traditionally styled Premier Series sinks that integrate beautifully into any kitchen décor, to impressively designed Standart PRO™ Series sinks with tight radius corners for a bold modern look that’s still easy to clean.

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Sinks That Suit Any Kitchen

Selecting the right sink is an important decision for any home improvement project, whether renovating, refurbishing, or even doing a new construction. With many options in different shapes, sizes, and mounting types, the Kraus stainless steel collection is a great place to start. 

Premium Material

Extremely durable, easy to clean, and strikingly modern, stainless steel is a great addition to any kitchen – no wonder these sinks are so popular among today’s homeowners! You’ll be happy to know that Kraus uses only the highest quality of steel, going above and beyond to ensure maximum durability and a long-lasting beautiful sheen. Gauge is an essential thing to consider when considering a stainless steel sink; a good rule of thumb is the thicker the material, the better the sink. To ensure a lifetime of worry-free use, Kraus uses the highest grade of steel, with most models constructed in extra-thick TRU16 real 16-gauge: the most durable gauge on the market, always 1.5mm thick.

Impress Your Installer

From stylish undermount models, to above-counter drop-ins, to versatile dualmount models, this collection has a variety of options to accommodate every mounting preference and allow you to create the exact look you want in your kitchen. Whether you prefer sleek, seamless undermount installation with a granite countertop or an easy-to-install drop-in configuration that allows you to install with any type of kitchen counter material, Kraus has you covered!

Silence Of the Sinks

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sound dampening system better than NoiseDefend™! All Kraus kitchen sinks are equipped with the best soundproofing on the market, including the thickest rubber dampening pads in the industry (5mm vs. the standard 3mm). Each sink is additionally treated with protective undercoating, which reduces condensation and further dampens sound, for a pleasantly quiet experience in the kitchen whether you’re washing dishes or using the garbage disposal. Silence has never sounded so good!

Easy Cleaning

The naturally non-porous and antibacterial stainless steel surface is protected from rust and oxidation by a meticulous finishing process. Commercial-grade satin finish and gently rounded corners make maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your Kraus sink as simple and easy as wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Want an even deeper clean? Check out our Cleaning & Care guide for tips, tricks, and products to keep in mind.

Made To Match The Way You Work

Want to tailor the functionality of your sink to your kitchen needs? With a plethora of spacious single bowl and multi-functional double bowl models, you can do just that; whether you prefer an oversized single basin, an efficient 50/50 double bowl split, or a highly functional offset basin. Our wide array of options allow you to create a customized look as well as to select the ideal configuration for your cleaning and dishwashing preferences. So take the time to consider everything you’ve ever wanted in a kitchen sink, and enjoy exploring all the ways we can help you build the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

To ensure easy installation, all mounting hardware is provided for your convenience. Undermount and topmount models come with mounting brackets, anchors, and screws. Select drop-in models come with railings already installed, and certain farmhouse models also come with mounting hardware included. Just another way for us to make your life a little easier!

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