Air Switch

Air Switch

Air Switches for Any Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Enhance your kitchen workspace with a KRAUS® garbage disposal air switch, a practical and stylish choice for those seeking a more efficient and user-friendly waste disposal solution in their homes. For ultimate convenience, the easy-to-install universal design is compatible with all major garbage disposal brands on the market.

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Make Your Garbage Disposal More User-Friendly

Air switches for garbage disposals provide several advantages over traditional electrical switches, offering a convenient and accessible way to control your garbage disposal by simply pressing a button on your sink deck or countertop. The air-operated design helps ensure that there is no live electricity at countertop level, helping eliminate the risk of electrical shock by keeping electrical components away from water sources. Since the air switch is easily within reach when you’re standing at the kitchen sink, it allows you to avoid the hassle of reaching for a wall-switch with wet, dirty, or soapy hands – which minimizes mess and can help reduce the spread of germs because the air switch operates with a simple push rather than having to grab and hold a toggle switch.

Versatile Modern Design

The best garbage disposal air switch is one that prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics. The sleek single-button sink-top configuration of KRAUS® air switches promotes easy access and effortless operation with a simple push, making it easier to turn your garbage disposal on and off. Additionally, the low-profile design of the air switch button creates a beautifully streamlined appearance that contributes to a clean and modern kitchen aesthetic.

Installation Flexibility

The garbage disposal air switch location is determined by your preference and kitchen workflow, since you’re not limited by the need to plug into a wall outlet. So go ahead, make your kitchen island a prepping powerhouse by adding a garbage disposal to your island sink. KRAUS® garbage disposal air switch kits come with everything you need for installation, including an extra-long air tube and connectors that you can cut to size, allowing you to enjoy the functionality and sleek modern look of an air switch anywhere you choose to install your garbage disposal!

Attention to Detail

To create a cohesive look in the kitchen, it's important to embrace a coordinated approach to finishes across various elements, including but not limited to cabinetry hardware, lighting fixtures, faucets, and accessories. Kraus garbage disposal air switch buttons come in a range of finish options that allow you to complement your existing kitchen fixtures, making every element work together in harmony. Choosing a color palette or finish, whether it's stainless steel, brushed nickel, or matte black, and consistently applying it throughout the entire kitchen not only ties together different elements but also provides a sense of continuity and balance – helping you create a look you love.

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