The Nature Series™ reflects a move toward designs influenced by Earth’s elemental beauty. Handcrafted from tempered glass by skilled artisans, each of the vessel sinks is a functional work of art that complements the transitional and modern bathroom alike. A freestanding basin design creates a dramatic look with contemporary appeal. The layered pattern of the Midas™ bathroom sink creates a dynamic surface for flowing water, while the rich golden tones add a touch of warmth. Inspired by the lush green palette of a rolling hillside, the Nei™ bathroom sink looks striking in a monochromatic setting or a clean, modern space. Echoing the crisp texture and warm colors of autumn weather, the Blaze™ bathroom sink shines with an energetic orange-gold hue. Reflecting the fiery hues of fall foliage, the Nix™ bathroom sink has the versatility to shine in a clean, modern setting or an elegant transitional environment. Highlighted with golden tones, the subtle wood-like pattern of the Titania™ bathroom sink creates a serene surface for flowing water. The antique-gold hue of the Terra™ bathroom sink makes it well suited for a range of settings and color palettes, while the layered texture highlights the handcrafted artistry of the glass. Inspired by the intricate pattern of intertwined tree branches, the Dryad™ bathroom sink has a range of green and brown tones that harmonize beautifully with a calm, nature-inspired setting.

The smooth surface of glass is transformed with a stone pattern in a range of gray tones, giving the Kratos™ bathroom sink dramatic visual depth. The copper-brown hue of the Gaia™ bathroom sink gives it an earthy appeal, while the layered texture highlights the handcrafted artistry of the glass. Inspired by the peaks of a glacier, the Ladon™ bathroom sink features a layered pattern and crisp ice-blue tones that create maximum visual impact in a modern or simple, transitional setting. The distinctive dark color of the Prometheus™ bathroom sink has fiery accents of red and gold, giving it visual depth and creating a dynamic surface for flowing water. The warm coppery tones and contrasting dark brown stripes of the Bastet™ bathroom sink have a soft sheen that running water turns into a vibrant, shiny surface.

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