Kraus USA Increases Mask Donation Pledge to Support Essential Workers Amid Continued Shortages

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Posted: May 08, 2020


Leading Sink and Faucet Manufacturer Expands Campaign to Aid Communities Affected by COVID-19

Port Washington, NY – At the beginning of April, Kraus USA pledged to donate $100,000 in protective masks to healthcare organizations and frontline workers responding to the coronavirus outbreak in the New York City area. They started their “KrausCares” campaign in hopes of inspiring others to follow their example and support first responders.

Now, with the virus continuing to impact local communities in one of the country’s hardest-hit regions, the Long Island-based company is expanding the size and scope of its efforts, adding another $50,000 to their donation pledge and opening up the donations to a broader range of organizations.

“Requests for masks have been overwhelming,” stated Michael Rukhlin, the Executive Vice President of Kraus who has been hand delivering shipments of N95 masks daily. “But there are a lot of people out there who need help and we are doing our best to keep people safe and keep up with the demand.”

Originally the company was delivering masks only to hospitals and medical facilities treating COVID-19 patients. But as the rate of spread begins to slow and larger healthcare organizations refine their supply chains, Kraus has shifted focus to other essential workers in need of personal protective equipment.

“We are starting to visit smaller organizations that don’t have the same resources as lager hospitals, and who are receiving less attention,” stated Russel Levi, CEO, who emphasized the company’s focus on providing supplies for rescue squads and ambulance teams. “These people are volunteers and they are risking their lives to help save others.”

With small budgets, volunteer emergency response teams remain one of the most under-supplied healthcare services in the country. As global supplies of PPE are being re-routed to large hospitals, volunteers on smaller crews are being forced to re-use masks or wear improvised protective gear.

Kraus has also turned its support to non-medical essential workers, such as nursing homes and other organizations caring for at-risk populations, as well as municipal departments that help to keep life running with some sense of normalcy in and around New York City.

“They are the real heroes. They are the glue that holds our communities together,” said Rukhlin. “We are just trying to help them out and make sure they have the tools to fight the virus.”

To date, Kraus has donated 45,000 surgical and N95 masks as well as tens of thousands of gloves. They have collaborated with other local businesses, such as Brooklyn-based Wise Café and Espresso Bar, which has taken up the mission to provide meals for the city’s first responders.

“It is incredible, the support that we have seen in the community. People rallying together to take care of one another,” said Levi. “This is what makes New York so strong. It is very inspiring, and that is how we know that we will get through this.”

If you know of an organization aiding with the COVID-19 response in the New York City area and would like to request a donation of masks, you can contact the KrausCares team at the email below. Please direct all inquiries and requests to

Below is a full list of organizations that Kraus USA has donated to so far. The company extends its thanks to all of the workers and volunteers who are working to fight the coronavirus.

  • SUNY Downstate Psychiatric Hospital
  • St Catherine of Siena
  • RHS Healthcare
  • STS medical
  • Brooklyn Hospital
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Coney Island Hospital
  • Mt Sinai Hospital
  • Brooklyn Maimonides Hospital
  • NYC Langone Hospital
  • Brooklyn Veterans Hospital
  • NYPD 68th Police Precinct
  • Miami Police and Hospitals
  • Encon Heating and AC
  • USA Vein Clinic
  • NetCost Market
  • Elmhurst Hospital
  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • Nassau County Police
  • Rogosin Institute for Kidney Disease
  • Douglass Elliman Real Estate
  • Port Washington Police Dept
  • Port Washington Fire Department
  • St. Francis Hospital Heart Center
  • FDNY
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Town of Coxsackie NY (EMS, Police and Fire Departments)
  • Elmhurst Hospital
  • NYPD – 66th Precinct
  • Staten Island Hospital
  • Brooklyn Hospital
  • USPS Brooklyn South
  • Brooklyn Sanitation Department BK13
  • NYPD – 60th and 61st Precinct
  • Morris Plains Police, Fire & EMT
  • Plattduetsche Home Retirement
  • Bronx Care Hospital
  • Chabad Neshama Center
  • Esperanza Non-Profit Dominican Republic
  • South Budd Lake First Aid and Rescue Squad
  • Community Chest of Port Washington
  • Stanhope Netcong EMS
  • Hopatcong Ambulance Squad
  • Nassau Veterans Center
  • NYPD 115th Precinct
  • Huntington Hills Center for Health and Rehab
  • Long Island State Veterans Nursing Home
  • Randolph Rescue Squad

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