KBIS 2020: Kraus Reveals Award Nominated New Products with Cutting-Edge Designs

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Posted: January 09, 2020


Beer-Dispensing Faucets and Color-Changing Finishes: New Kraus Technologies Could Change the Look of the Home Kitchen

Leading Sink and Faucet Brand Reveals Award-Nominated New Products with Cutting-Edge Designs at KBIS2020

Port Washington, NY – Kraus USA has had two of its latest innovations nominated for the Best of KBIS award at KBIS2020 (North America’s largest Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show). Unique among many new products that Kraus will unveil at the show, the Purita™ 2-in-1 Kitchen Filter Faucet and the Urbix™ Industrial Bridge Faucet feature cutting-edge technologies never before seen on the consumer market.

“Purita marks the beginning of a new age in-home filtration technology,” said Todd Alexander, the Director of Product Development at Kraus USA. The product combines the convenience of a pull-down spray head with the functionality of an integrated filter tap. Improving on existing 2-in-1 filter models, Kraus designed Pruita with two independent water lines. This eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination between tap and filtered water and ensures 100% purified water every time the user fills up a glass.

When you press the filter button to stop dispensing, Purita’s self-cleaning function is automatically activated and all remaining liquid is flushed from the filter lines. This unique feature prevents germs and bacteria from accumulating, and makes Purita the only integrated filter faucet system on the market that can be used to dispense beer and nitro coffee in addition to water.

Kraus Color Changing Faucet at KBIS 2020

The second best of KBIS entry from Kraus represents an equally unique advancement in kitchen faucet technology.

The Urbix Industrial Bridge Faucet features the introduction of ColorSmart™ technology – a heat-activated color changing finish. At room temperature, Urbix appears matte black. But when you turn on the hot water, the thermochromic finish begins to gradually change color in response to the rising temperature. As well as offering a unique kitchen design element, Kraus says that the innovation will reduce the risk of injury from hot water for children and others with heat sensitivity. The faucet will be shown in a variety of colors at KBIS 2020 – a display that is sure to impress.

But for developers at Kraus, the innovations are about more than just spectacle – they are an effort to improve quality of life for end-consumers. As said by Katya Palat, the Creative Director at Kraus, “We are confident that these new products will bring practical and safety benefits to the modern kitchen environment in addition to an incredible aesthetic.”

If you are interested in seeing these new products visit Kraus at their KBIS 2020 booths in the North Hall (#N2162) and South Hall (# SL843).

For more information on new products from Kraus, visit kraususa.com or call 1-800-775-0703.

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