Model #: KP1TS33S-2-1610-41CH


Bolden and Pax

33" Drop-In 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink and Single Handle Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser in Chrome

Advance to a more modern kitchen with the perfectly paired Pax™ drop-in sink and Bolden™ commercial faucet, a combination that embodies the best that Kraus has to offer in functionality and style. The sink has a high-capacity basin made from thick, durable TRU16 real 16-gauge steel, with commercial-grade satin finish that will never dull or chip. The Bolden commercial pull-down kitchen faucet is designed to transform any kitchen into a high-end culinary workspace, and is configured at a compact 18” height to fit under most cabinets. A retractable 20” hose provides superior maneuverability, with a dual-function sprayhead for the ability to switch from splash-free aerated stream to powerful spray in a snap.

Benefits & Features

  • All-in-One Combo Includes: Pax™ Series Sink, Bolden™ Commercial Faucet, High-Quality 3-1/2” Drain Assembly with Strainer, CapPro™ Drain Cover, Bottom Grid, Silicone Mitt, Silicone Trivet, Soap Dispenser
  • Sink Dimensions 33”(L) x 22”(W) x 9”(D); Min Cabinet Size 36”; Faucet Height 18”
  • The Pax™ Series drop-in sink pairs perfectly with the Bolden™ commercial kitchen faucet for an easy way to advance to a modern kitchen with cutting-edge professional style
  • Top Mount/Drop-in kitchen sink with large capacity basin. Designed for installation with any countertop
  • Deep 9” large-capacity sink basin with tight zero-radius corners that maximize bowl size. Easily holds all of your dishes and fits large items like stockpots for easy cleanup
  • Extra-tough T304 construction with TRU16 steel. The thickest steel on the market, real 16 gauge will never chip or crack, making the sink highly resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Pax sinks with commercial grade, easy-to-clean Satin Finish complement any countertop and create a high-end look to match most kitchen appliances
  • Removable CapPro™ Drain Cover conceals garbage disposal and waste fittings for a clean look
  • Superior NoiseDefend™ technology covers 80% of sink base with thick rubber sound dampening pads to absorb noise and vibration. Non-toxic undercoating protects cabinet from condensation
  • Optimized for residential use, the Bolden faucet features a compact 18" height to fit underneath almost any kitchen cabinet
  • Unique pull-down commercial faucet design provides the convenience of a smooth-retract nylon sprayer hose with extended 16” range
  • Professionally inspired faucet design features an industrial-style open spring spout and ergonomic dual-function sprayer with easy-clean silicone nozzles that prevent mineral build-up
  • High arc faucet spout swivels 180° for complete kitchen sink access and provides ample room to accommodate your largest cookware
  • 1 hole faucet installation w/ pre-attached 26 1/2” waterlines and mounting hardware included for your convenience
  • Water-efficient and eco-friendly aerator with 1.8 gpm flow rate

      What is the minimum required cabinet size?
          36" This is to ensure there is enough space within the cabinet for the sink and the included mounting hardware.

      Can I install a garbage disposal to this sink?
          Yes, garbage disposals are 100% compatible with our sinks. Rather than install a disposal to the drain, the disposal will replace the drain as it has its own flange and mounts directly to the sink.

      What is the chromium to nickel ratio?
          The Chromium to Nickel ratio is 10:18

      Is there a sink grid available for this model?
          Yes, our KBG-P3118 grid is recommended and available separately.

      What is the steel gauge?
          TRU 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel

      How far back is the sink wall from the center of the drain?
          4 3/4"

      What's the function of the cover?
          The DrainAssure Cover creates a continuous surface and hides the drain or garbage disposal when not in use. It’s a cleaner look and the sink will continue to drain when the cover is in use.

      Can I install this sink in a laminate countertop?
          Yes, our top mount sinks can be installed on laminate.

      Does the bottom have a slope?
          Yes, our sinks are engineered with 1/8" slope to easily help guide water towards the drain.

      Is there a cover for the second sink hole?
          Yes, there is a plug provided to cover the additional sink hole when not in use.

      Is there sound dampening material?
          Yes, this sink includes NoiseDefend Soundproofing technology and offers extra thick pads covering over 80% of the sink and non-toxic undercoating for added insulation.

      What should I use to clean the sink?
          We recommend using mild soap and water for everyday cleaning as well as stainless steel cleaners designed for cleaning stainless steel specifically. A popular option is Barkeeper's Friend and a 3M Fine Scotch Brite Pad

      Are there any products that should be avoided when cleaning my sink?
          We recommend avoiding cleaners with harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach, ammonia as these items can cause damage to the sink surface.

      How can I remove scratches from my sink?
          Scratches are inevitable in any sink material, including stainless steel. These are merely usage scratches over time, these scratches will become uniform with the sink's grain and blend into the overall finish of your sink with proper cleaning. Most minor scratches can be softened with a fine (white) 3M Scotch Brite pad, or 3M Scotch Brite Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scour Pad, accompanied by a deep cleansing agent such as Bar Keepers Friend.

      Can stainless steel sinks rust?
          No. Typically, when red spots appear on a Stainless Steel Sink it is simply surface discoloration due to iron and mineral deposits in the water. This is usually taken care of permanently with a stainless steel polish and/or cleaner when used according to the directions of the cleaning product. Products such as Bar Keeper's friend and a fine 3M Scotch Brite pad are both great options.

      Is it recommended to drill additional holes in my stainless steel sink?
          We do not recommend making additional holes in a stainless steel sink as it could potentially damage and compromise the integrity of the sink.

      Faucet Finish: Chrome

      Faucet Hole Configuration: 1

      Faucet Type: Commercial Style

      ADA Compliant: Yes

      Sink Color Finish: Stainless Steel

      Sink Material: Stainless Steel

      Sink Type: Top-Mount / Drop-In

      Bowl Configuration: Single Bowl

      Minimum Cabinet Size: 36"

      Sink Gauge: 16

      Accessory Finish: Chrome

      Accessory Type: Soap Dispenser

      Faucet Height Range: 10"-20"

      Soap Dispenser Included: No

      Escutcheon Plate Included: No

      Sink Length Range: 31-35”

      Bottom Grid Included: Yes

      Bowl Depth Range: 9"-10"

      Faucet Holes: 2

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