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33" Drop-In/Undermount Granite 60/40 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink in Brown

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  • Sink CollectionQuarza™
  • Sink ColorBrown
  • Sink MaterialGranite/Quartz
  • Sink TypeDual Mount
  • Bowl ConfigurationLarge Bowl Left
  • Sink Height10.63
  • Sink Length33
  • Sink Width22
  • Left Bowl Depth10
  • Left Bowl Length18.13
  • Left Bowl Width18
  • Minimum Cabinet Size36"
  • Right Bowl Depth8.25
  • Right Bowl Length11.88
  • Right Bowl Width16
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Quarza™ Series sinks are built to last a lifetime, with high-quality granite composite made from 80% natural quartz and high-performance acrylic resin, offering exceptional durability with the luxurious look & feel of real stone. The extra-tough material offers unparalleled resistance to scratches and stains, thermal shock, and impact from dropped objects. The naturally hygienic non-porous surface resists food and liquid from sticking for easy cleanup, and withstands extreme temperature fluctuations to handle hot pots and pans. Heavy-duty construction absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when the sink is in use. The versatile dualmount design allows for undermount or drop-in installation, and is compatible with all countertops

Benefits & Features

  • Outer Sink Dimensions: 33” L x 22” W x 10 5/8” D; Min Cabinet Size: 36” Undermount / 36” Topmount
  • High-Quality Granite Composite made from 80% natural quartz and high-performance acrylic resin for exceptional durability with the look and feel of real stone
  • Non-Fading Color: UV-stable material offers a rich hue that will not fade or discolor over time
  • Deep Double Bowl Sink: 10” high-capacity 60/40 split basin with gently rounded corners and low center divider to accommodate your largest kitchenware
  • Undermount / Drop-In Design: Install as an undermount for a seamless transition from sink to countertop, or drop into an existing countertop opening
  • Heat-Safe: Can withstand high heat and extreme hot or cold temperature fluctuations
  • Non-Porous Surface: Smooth to the touch and naturally hygienic surface is highly resistant to dirt and grime, and easily wipes clean
  • Naturally Sound-Absorbing: Sturdy stone-like material absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when sink is in use
  • Rear-Set Drain is compatible with all garbage disposal adapters, increases workspace in the sink and storage space in the cabinet below
  • Kit Includes: Quarza™ Series Sink, Mounting Hardware, Cut-Out Template, Installation and Care Instructions
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: We stand behind our products with the highest standards of quality
  • ISTA Certified Packaging protects sink from damage due to impact in transit and during loading, eliminating delays for renovation projects
  • Product Certification: All Kraus products are marked cUPC, for assurance that the product meets all North American standards
  • Compatible with Kraus Stainless Steel Colander: CS-2
  • What is the minimum required cabinet size?
  •     36" This is to ensure there is enough space within the cabinet for the sink and the included mounting hardware.

  • Can I install a garbage disposal to this sink?
  •     Yes, garbage disposals are 100% compatible with our sinks. Rather than install a disposal to the drain, the disposal will replace the drain as it has its own flange and mounts directly to the sink.

  • Does it matter on which side I install a disposal?
  •     A garbage disposal can be installed on either side and is a matter of preference.

  • Is there a sink grid available for this model?
  •     There is no grid available for this model.

  • How far back is the sink wall from the center of the drain?
  •     4 7/8"

  • Is this sink really a dual mount?
  •     Yes, this sink can be installed as either an undermount or drop-in. The sink will include top mount hardware and template. Undermount hardware and template are available separately.

  • Are there additional knockout holes on the deck?
  •     This model does not include additional knockout holes.

  • Can I install it with any type of reveal?
  •     Yes, this sink can accommodate a positive, negative or flush reveal.

  • Can I install this sink in a laminate countertop?
  •     Yes

  • Does the bottom have a slope?
  •     Yes, our sinks are engineered with 1/8" slope to easily help guide water towards the drain.

  • Is there sound dampening material?
  •     Yes, this sink includes NoiseDefend Soundproofing technology and offers extra thick pads covering over 80% of the sink and non-toxic undercoating for added insulation.

  • What should I use to clean the sink?
  •     To prevent water spots, clouding, and discoloration, rinse and wipe the inside of the sink with a microfiber cleaning cloth after every use. For a more thorough cleaning, use water and a mild liquid soap detergent (ammonia-free). Apply the cleaner with a soft sponge, then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a microfiber cleaning cloth. To deep-clean tough stains, products to consider include: Mr Clean Magic Eraser, Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the products manufacturer.

  • Are there any products that should be avoided when cleaning my sink?
  •     We recommend avoiding cleaners with harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach, ammonia as these items can cause damage to the sink surface.

  • What does "KGD" stand for?
  •     Kraus Granite Dual Mount

  • What is the heat resistance?
  •     600 degrees

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