Undermount Sinks

Undermount Sinks

Sleek And Seamless

Enjoy all the advantages of an undermount kitchen sink: Along with a beautifully streamlined contemporary appearance, this installation type has the added benefit of making your kitchen easier to clean, as it eliminates the mounting rim that sits on top of the counter, and allows you to simply wipe water and food debris from the countertop straight into the basin.

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Small Touches Make A Big Difference

Small design tweaks can mean major upgrades to usability and convenience. To increase usable surface area in the sink basin and promote easy draining, Kraus undermount kitchen sinks feature rear set and off set drain openings. You can rinse dishes off even when the sink is full, and put in stacks of dishes and oversized cookware without worrying about blocking the drain. When paired with our engineered channel grooves that direct water to the drain, the result is a cleaner, drier sink that drains quickly and completely. An added benefit to rear and rear off-set drains--aside from increased sink functionality--is the added space that this frees up in the base cabinet, since the attached plumbing will be off to the side instead of smack dab in the center. Just another way that Kraus brings the best to your kitchen!

The Beauty Of Undermount Installation

Designed for a high-end look, undermount sinks make your kitchen look neat and uncluttered while also maximizing basin depth. As an added bonus, no exposed mounting deck means less space for food and debris to collect, which means less cleaning. Kraus undermount sinks attach directly to the underside of the countertop material for flush installation, with a seamless transition from sink to counter.

A Perfect Fit

Proper installation is crucial to prevent leaking and make sure your sink is adequately supported. To ensure a proper fit for installation, we recommend taking the exterior dimension of your sink (left to right) and adding 2" for access to install the mounting hardware. This will provide the minimum cabinet width for your install

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

To ensure easy installation, all mounting hardware is provided for your convenience, including mounting brackets, anchors, and screws. Just another way for us to make your life a little easier!

The Whole Package

From the largest to the smallest, all kitchen and bar sinks made by Kraus come packaged like crown jewels… after all, it’s got to be great to be Kraus! Our packaging is tested according to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) guidelines, and designed to ensure that products are protected in transit and arrive in perfect condition.

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