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Outlast MicroShield

Perfect for the busy kitchen, Outlast MicroShield™ sinks are made from a heavy-duty industrial-grade stainless steel that masks scratches and scuffs to maintain a like-new appearance over time. Engineered for maximum durability, the extra-thick TRU16 gauge steel (always 1.5mm thick) undergoes a cutting-edge embossing process, creating a textured surface that resists dents and damage from daily use. High wear points reduce contact area with pots and pans, preventing surface damage that can age the sinks. This innovative material was initially developed for Kraus’ best-selling KBU Kitchen Series in order to enhance the sinks with superior damage-resistance and functionality. The resulting product is a collection of highly durable and scratch-resistant sinks, designed to withstand daily wear & tear and stay looking newer longer.

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