A New Look for a Classic Configuration

Throw any preconceived conceptions of antiquated bridge faucets out of the window! The Urbix™ industrial bridge faucet embraces modernity with rugged design details and upgraded functionality. A side sprayer upgrades the timeless two-handle design with superior maneuverability, providing the flexibility to reach all around your sink.

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  1. Industrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Water Filter Faucet Combo in Brushed GoldIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Water Filter Faucet Combo in Matte BlackIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Water Filter Faucet Combo in Matte Black/RedIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Water Filter Faucet Combo in Spot Free Stainless Steel
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    Spring Black Friday Sale Industrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Brushed Gold KPF-3125BG Spring Black Friday Sale Industrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Brushed Gold KPF-3125BG
    Industrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Brushed GoldIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Matte BlackIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Matte Black/RedIndustrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer in Spot Free Stainless Steel

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Captivating Style for Every Setting

Engineered with exceptional attention to detail, Urbix features industrial design elements that place it firmly in the sphere of modern industrial kitchen design. Clean lines and an angular silhouette create a hardworking look that will complement and bring out any other modern industrial or even vintage design elements in your kitchen. Diamond-textured knurling provides a non-slip grip on the wheel-shaped handles and faucet spout, with hexagonal bolt-shaped details that complete the rugged industrial image. Whether in a cool minimalist loft or a contemporary farmhouse, Urbix amplifies the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, and is guaranteed to have people asking – Where did you get this incredible faucet?!

Maximum Performance

The tough-as-nails Urbix faucet is not all about show, though it does make a compelling showpiece that you’ll love to show off. Solid brass construction and best-in-industry components ensure long-lasting leak-free performance that lives up to the rugged appearance for a lifetime of high-performance use. Defined with industrial design details that match the tough-as-nails main faucet, an accompanying side sprayer offers all of the flexibility of a modern-day pull-down kitchen faucet, pulling out to provide superior maneuverability that allows you to hit every corner of your kitchen sink. The main spout can be adjusted up to one inch in height during installation to match your preferred look and feel, with a locking mechanism that secures tightly to ensure stability. The spout swivels 360 degrees to provide complete access to the entire sink for all your kitchen tasks. This faucet comes with flexible pre-attached water lines and a Quick Connect sprayer hose for quicker and more convenient three or hole installation.

The Ideal Pairing

Enhance the breathtaking modern styling of the Urbix bridge faucet and upgrade your kitchen’s functionality by pairing the main faucet with a coordinating Urbix filter tap for the ultimate kitchen experience. Featuring matching industrial design details for a beautifully continuous look, this combination creates a breathtaking and well-rounded kitchen aesthetic. The filter tap can be installed at the kitchen sink alongside the primary faucet, or installed with a smaller additional basin for use as a bar or prep area. Wherever you mount it, it’s hard to beat the added benefits of having a dedicated drinking water dispenser tap that allows you to pour pure, fresh filtered water on demand. The sleek high-arc spout with knurled industrial detailing rotates 360 degrees so that you can fill tall glasses, pitchers, and reusable water bottles anywhere in the sink. When you pair Urbix with the matching filter tap, you reduce your reliance on bottled drinking water, saving money and helping protect the environment – making this a package that adds value to any home!

A Perfect Finishing Touch

The style impact of Urbix transforms depending on the choice of finish. Brushed Gold creates a bright and warm look in any kitchen setting, while Spot-Free Stainless Steel offers a more neutral tone that will match your stainless steel appliances. Matte Black finish with striking red handles adds a pop of color to this design and creates a bold contrasting look for those with fearless design sensibilities.

Coming Soon: ColorSmart™ Technology

Featuring breakthrough ColorSmart™ technology, the innovative new iteration of the Urbix industrial bridge faucet will make it the first heat activated color-changing faucet to come to market. Utilizing a unique thermochromic finish, ColorSmart™ makes use of color-changing properties to alert users when water is too hot to touch. At room temperature and when cold water is in use, the entire faucet appears matte black. But as water temperature rises, the faucet and side sprayer change to a contemporary gray color. A complete color change including the side sprayer indicates that your water temperature has exceeded the safety threshold. As well as offering a unique design element, this innovative technology will reduce the risk of injury from hot water for children, older adults, and others with heat sensitivity.

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