Model #: KWD100-75MBL



Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with 3/4 HP Ultra-Quiet Motor for Kitchen Sinks with Power Cord and Flange Included

Get rid of food waste in a flash with the KRAUS WasteGuard Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal for Kitchen Sinks. Featuring a MagnaGrind 3800 RPM 3/4 Horsepower permanent-magnet motor, this premium disposal provides instant power, ensuring faster operation than traditional induction motors for reliable grinding of the toughest food scraps. The continuous-feed garbage disposal can shred large quantities of food scraps, eliminating the need to grind in batches. This eco-friendly kitchen fixture grinds waste into small particles and disposes of it through the sink drain or septic system, helping you to cut down on plastic garbage bag use. Motor-saving shut-off technology instantly cuts power to the disposal in the event of a blockage to help prevent damage to the motor. Built for long-lasting use, the stainless steel grinding components are encased in ABS housing and insulated with QuietStorm soundproofing technology for quieter operation. Mounting is simple with an EZLock assembly that locks into place with a turn of the hand. The universal design fits all standard US plumbing and sinks with round 3 1/2" drain openings. An included stopper allows you to fill up the sink bowl for soaking dishes, with an extended tailpiece that Doubles as a plunger to safely push stubborn food scraps into the disposal. Comes with a complete garbage disposal install kit, including power cord and flange.

Benefits & Features

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: KRAUS WasteGuard Garbage Disposal offers fast and reliable grinding of the toughest food scraps SUPERIOR 3800 RPM TO 3/4 HORSEPOWER ratio eliminates waste in seconds  
  • EASY-INSTALL: EZLock 2-step mounting assembly locks into place with ease Mounting flange drops into drain opening with no need for plumbers putty for most sinks  
  • DIMENSIONS: 7 1/2" Å“ W x 15 1/4" H Minimum Installation Clearance: 10 1/4" 40.6 oz. grinding chamber UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Compatible with kitchen sinks with standard round 3 1/2" drain opening and 1 1/2" standard kitchen plumbing connections 
  • KIT INCLUDES: 3/4 HP Garbage disposal, drain and dishwasher connectors, power cord, sink drain stopper/plunger, mounting flange with stainless steel rim 
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Solid stainless steel components encased in ABS thermoplastic housing help ensure reliable, powerful, and quiet operation 
  • HEAVY-DUTY MagnaGrind MOTOR: Permanent-magnet motor provides instant power to the grinder " €œ FASTER OPERATION than induction motors, which take time to reach optimal speed 
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN: WasteGuard Garbage Disposal helps keep your kitchen spotless from meal prep to clean up Slide food scraps directly from your counters or dishes into the drain and watch them disappear 
  • MOTOR-SAVING SHUT-OFF system stops power in the event of a blockage to help prevent damage " €œ Reset button allows you to quickly restore power after debris is removed 
  • QUIET OPREATION with QuietStorm soundproofing technology and anti-vibration mounting system 
  • CONTINUOUS FEED DISPOSAL: Activated via wall switch or air switch (sold separately), the garbage disposal can shred large quantities of food waste continuously, eliminating the need to grind waste in batches " €œ Quicker and easier to operate than batch-feed disposals
  • SINK STOPPER allows you fill up the sink bowl for soaking dishes Extended tail piece Doubles as a plunger to safely push down stubborn food scraps 
  • PRE-INSTALLED POWER CORD INCLUDED: Designed for simple plug-in installation with a switch-operated wall outlet  
  • INSTALLATION-READY KIT with mounting flange, dishwasher connection, anti-vibration mount, 1 1/2" drain connection, and rubber gaskets that create a perfect seal and help prevent garbage disposal leaks 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT grinds and condenses food scraps for quicker breakdown, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills " €œ Cuts down on plastic garbage bag use  
  • SLEEK DESIGN with streamlined disposal canister and stainless steel garbage disposal flange for a clean contemporary look 
  • RELIABLE QUALITY with 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and top-rated customer service available to support your needs  
  • SEPTIC-SAFE for use with most septic systems in accordance with manufacturer guidelines " €œ NOTE: If you have a septic system, avoid putting the following through the garbage disposal: Stringy foods (such as celery), egg shells, pasta, rice, potato peels, pits, oils, fats, and coffee grounds
  • OPTIONAL DISHWASHER CONNECTOR: Knockout hole and included connector allow you to easily hook up your dishwasher to the disposal for simple installation  
  • Certifications: cUPC, ETL, and ISTA 

      Accessory Finish: Black

      Soap Dispenser Included: No

      Escutcheon Plate Included: No

      Bottom Grid Included: No

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