Model #: KWD100-100MBL



WasteGuard™ 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Ultra-Quiet Motor for Kitchen Sinks with Power Cord and Flange Included

Get rid of food waste in a flash with the KRAUS® WasteGuard™ Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal for Kitchen Sinks. An ideal choice for busy kitchens, big families, and home chefs, this premium disposal features a MagnaGrind™ 3800 RPM 1 Horsepower permanent-magnet motor that ensures faster operation than traditional induction motors. The powerful motor reliably grinds the toughest food scraps. The continuous-feed design can shred large quantities of food scraps, eliminating the need to grind in batches. This eco-friendly kitchen fixture grinds waste into small particles and disposes of it through the sink drain or septic system, helping cut down on plastic garbage bag use. Motor-saving shut-off technology instantly cuts power to the disposal in the event of a blockage to help prevent damage to the motor. Built for long-lasting use, the stainless steel grinding components are encased in ABS housing and insulated with QuietStorm™ soundproofing technology for quiet operation. Mounting is simple with an EZLock™ assembly that locks into place with a turn of the hand. The universal design fits standard US plumbing and sinks with round 3 1/2” drain openings. An included stopper allows you to fill up the sink bowl for soaking dishes, with an extended tailpiece that doubles as a plunger to safely push stubborn food scraps into the disposal. Comes with a complete garbage disposal install kit, including power cord and flange.

Benefits & Features

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: KRAUS® WasteGuard™ Garbage Disposal offers fast and reliable grinding of the toughest food scraps – SUPERIOR 3800 RPM TO 1 HORSEPOWER ratio spins faster than most other 1HP models helping eliminate waste in seconds 
  • EASY-INSTALL: EZLock™ 2-step mounting assembly locks into place with ease – Mounting flange drops into drain opening with no need for plumber’s putty for most sinks 
  • DIMENSIONS: 8 5/8” W x 16 1/8”H – Minimum Installation Clearance: 10 3/4” – 40.6 oz. grinding chamber – UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Compatible with kitchen sinks with standard round 3 1/2” drain opening and 1 1/2” standard kitchen plumbing connections 
  • KIT INCLUDES: 1 HP Garbage disposal, drain and dishwasher connectors, power cord, sink drain stopper/plunger, mounting flange with stainless steel rim 
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Solid stainless steel components encased in ABS thermoplastic housing help ensure reliable, powerful, and quiet operation – Stainless Steel resists odor and rust 
  • HEAVY-DUTY MagnaGrind™ MOTOR: Powerful permanent-magnet motor provides instant power to the grinder – FASTER OPERATION than induction motors, which take time to reach optimal speed 
  • MOTOR-SAVING SHUT-OFF system stops power in the event of a blockage to help prevent damage – Reset button allows you to quickly restore power after debris is removed 
  • QUIET OPERATION with QuietStorm™ soundproofing technology and anti-vibration mounting system 
  • CONTINUOUS FEED DISPOSAL: Activated via wall switch or air switch (sold separately), the disposal can shred continuously, eliminating the need to grind waste in batches – Quicker and easier to use than batch-feed disposals 
  • SINK STOPPER allows you fill up the sink bowl for soaking dishes – Extended tail piece doubles as a plunger to safely push down stubborn food scraps  
  • PRE-INSTALLED POWER CORD INCLUDED: Designed for simple plug-in installation with a switch-operated wall outlet  
  • INSTALLATION-READY KIT with mounting flange, dishwasher connection, anti-vibration mount, 1 1/2” drain connection, and rubber gaskets that create a perfect seal and help prevent garbage disposal leaks 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT grinds and condenses food scraps for quicker breakdown, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills – Cuts down on plastic garbage bag use 
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN: WasteGuard™ Garbage Disposal helps keep your kitchen spotless from meal prep to clean up – Slide food scraps directly from your counters or dishes into the drain and watch them disappear 
  • SLEEK DESIGN with streamlined disposal canister and stainless steel garbage disposal flange for a clean contemporary look 
  • RELIABLE QUALITY with 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and top-rated customer service available to support your needs 
  • SEPTIC-SAFE when used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines – When used with septic, avoid the following: Stringy foods (such as celery), egg shells, pasta, rice, potato peels, pits, oils, fats, and coffee grounds 
  • OPTIONAL DISHWASHER CONNECTOR: Knockout hole and included connector allow you to easily hook up your dishwasher to the disposal for simple installation 
  • Certifications: cUPC, ETL, and ISTA 

      Accessory Finish: Black

      Soap Dispenser Included: No

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