1. Entertaining in Style: How a well-planned Kitchen can make it easy!

    A workstation sink goes beyond the concept of the kitchen sink and seeks to solve problems. Entertaining in your home may be one of the times when your kitchen sink gets the most use all at once. These workstations were designed to solve as many problems as possible and make your experience of cooking and cleaning up just that much easier. They free you up to enjoy that well-deserved glass of wine or cup of evening coffee or tea with your guests...
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  2. Reducing Water Waste In The Kitchen: Tips For Sustainable Living

    The goal for your kitchen is to be clean, orderly, and beautiful without becoming cluttered or wasteful. In the same way that the modern kitchen look is simple and never excessive, the current trend is toward faucets and sinks that allow you to avoid water waste, using just enough of this life-giving resource...
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